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Moral Philosophy



"If you lack self-discipline, read this" Psychology thread

β€’ Excuses make today easy, but they make tomorrow hard. Discipline makes today hard, but it makes tomorrow easy.

β€’ If you're serious about growth, be serious about consistency, persistency, focus, determination, and discipline.

β€’ Remember that, discipline will take you places that motivation can’t. Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing.

β€’ If you can master self-discipline, you can have anything you want.

β€’ Set clear goals and have an execution plan. Have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. Create a mantra to keep yourself focused. It makes easier to commit yourself to what needs to be done.

β€’ Know your weaknesses, in order to change them. Knowing your weaknesses is a good thing for building self-discipline muscle. It will encourage you to be more positive in developing and understanding what you need to change.

β€’ No success until you accept the pain of discipline

β€’ Time blocking and hardwork. Enjoy hardwork. Block a period of your time to a task. Focus on one task at a time. Focus on trying to get your work faster and better.

β€’ Use "the power of three" to lower your high expectations. Creating a list of three small little action steps that you can do straight away will get closer to your desired outcome instead of being stuck in decision paralysis.

β€’ Acknowledge failures, forgive yourself and move on to develop more self-discipline.

β€’ Self-Discipline is a daily skill β€” if you don’t use it, you lose it. The more we repeat and practice a given task or habit it will eventually make a habit out of it. Get back again if your self-discipline starts to slip, try until you master your self-control, & repeat.

β€’ The distance between dreams and reality is called discipline.

β€’ IQ is overrated. Discipline is underrated.

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