Anupam Sharma, IFS

Anupam Sharma, IFS



Smart #Sources for #UPSCPrelims 📚 Smart source = Concise/Crisp + Easy Explanation + Highly relevant for #Prelims (1/n) Polity Primary: none other than Laxmikant Supplementary: Finology Legal videos (not necessary; can watch some useful ones, not all) #UPSC #BookDay2022

(2/n) Geography Primary: * NCERT 11th Fundamentals of Physical (80-90%) * NCERT 11th India Physical (fully) * NCERT 12th India People Economy (selectively; Ch 5,6,7) * Amit Sengupta Geography Playlists (good for visualization) Supplementary: * Samjhao Learning Playlists/videos

(3/n) Economy Primary * Tamil Nadu 11th Economics (only Ch 7,8,9,10) * Tamil Nadu 12th Economics (all except Ch 3,4,10,12) * Economic Survey gist/summary videos (not full document) * Budget speech Supplementary: * NCERT 11th Indian Economic Development (can be left also)

(4/n) Environment Primary: * NCERT 12th Bio last 4 chapters (13-16) * EduTap UPSC Environment PYQs (Playlist) Supplementary: * Amit Sengupta Environment (Playlist) IMHO, Shankar IAS is bulky, content-heavy and has poor Benefit/Efforts

Will post sources for History, S&T soon

(5/n) Modern History Primary: * Old 12th NCERT Bipin Chandra (OR) Tamil Nadu 12th History Ch 1-7 * New 12th NCERT P3: only Ch 10,11,13 + Ch-14 topic Why/How Did Partition Happen * 4 videos Supplementary: * Spectrum: only 10-20%, for topics missing in above but frequent in PYQs

(6/n) Ancient, Medieval, Culture Primary: * Tamil Nadu 11th History (Ignore TN-specific topics not in PYQs): It will also cover Culture * 4 videos (Don't read NCERT 11 Art & Nitin Singhania sir book) Supplementary: * NCERTs quickly, max 1 day, only topics not covered in TN book

(7/n) Science and Technology * EduTap S&T PYQs Playlist * IYB 2022 Ch29 * NCERT 12th Bio Ch 8,10,12: Leave highly technical or purely factual portions * General Science: 3 videos (Marathon Class) by Exam Quest on Physics, Chemistry, Biology #UPSC #UPSCPrelims

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