Pokémon trade

Pokémon trade



4 revelations reviewing my trades: 1- meditate for 20 minutes . 2- trading the first 2 hours should be enough. 3- if a trade turns on u, only leave if u see a volume spike on 1 minute, otherwise play the TF+setup. 4- scalp 20% 10 days out options, that'll keep emotions in check

Other rules: - only listen to the market, the higher the TF or BF the more meaningful it is. - don't be greedy, 20% a day will triple your account in no time - don't fear executing, if there's a setup, I execute. - like poker, I only play A+ setups, otherwise I'm testing my luck

Continued: - don't trade on Fomc, opex, quad witching. Just sit the whole day out and preserve capital. - I don't swing expensive options, theta is a killer, options are best used to day trade - I don't fight thr trend, FTC rules, rich get richer

Continued: - I only play reversals in the direction of the trend ie. We green on the day, the 15 turns red, as long day is green, I'll play calls. - I only trade options on spy - if vix is too high, above 30, I don't trade - one trade a week averaging 20%, will 5x your account

Continued: - the market is rigged against traders, the more u trade a day, the more u lose. - don't let trading ruin your life/youth, during only 3 hours your allowed to look at $spy - when in doubt, get out and stay out - paper cuts can drain your account and leave u with less

Continued: - I take trades based on setups (drawn horizontal levels only) on the D, 60, 15 only, but I monitor volume spikes on the 1 minute to know when I should get out. - I read these affirmations everyday before trading.

Continued : - If there's no setup during the first 3 hours, your day in the market is done, the market will be here tomorrow. - I understand that most days are un-tradable and that's ok - losing money affects you worse than winning money, so rule number 1,"don't lose money "

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