Missionary sex does not mean your sex life is boring. In fact it’s the foundation of building a wonderful and long lasting relationship and marriage in and out of the bedroom😍 So let's GET DIRTYYY😋

Missionary sex is where one of you are laying down with your legs bent and spread apart while your partner is in between your legs. THIS😋: OR THAT🤤:

MISSIONARY SEX: • can be extremely Intimate & Romantic • will provide more Skin to Skin Contact • will provide lots of Smooch Action and lots of eye contact!🥺😍 It can easily lead to; sucking of breast😩: or pussy eating😋:

HOW TO HARVEST HER PUSSY REAL GOOD IN MISSIONARY POSITION😋: • ladies lay on your back • Allow your man to crawl on top of you • Raise your & Bend your knees Guys u will now have a work space & a view on what you're working on. Trust me when I say The View Is Grand!🤩

• Use ur dick to rub around the pussy & the pussy clitoris continually, not forgetting to use ur mouth to kiss around her thighs Men re very visual creatures! So ladies try to put the light on, so he can see ur juicy pussy🤤

Men remember foreplay is really necessary during missionary sex. It will keep your woman horny and wet. • suck her nipples & and lick her neck • lick her thighs😩😋 • stimulate her clit • Eat her pussy with lots of saliva🤤😋

• After rubbing with your dick, please knock severally before going in. Use your dick to tap on the clitoris (which is the door bell) until you hear that sound clearly (Tah tarh tarh) Now that you're about to go in, go in slowly & gently😩🤤

• Put the cap first, bring it out, knock on the pussy again, then put it back in again😩, but this time deeper than before • Bring it out again, knock again & then dip it inside completely while you lick her thighs🤤 THIS: OR . THAT😩:

• Now look at her, her mouth must be open. Don't get carried away, bring it out again & start licking. Use one of hand to stimulate that area between her pussy & ass (perineum) with ur other hand in her mouth, so she can suck it. Ladies stimulate ur clit for more pleasure😩🤤

• The moment she starts grabbing your head or start talking gibberish, you can now start harvesting. Don't forget the Rythmn of your smashing matters! P.S: While your man is inside your run your nails up and down their back lightly.😍

• Rather begin with a slow & steady motion, then you clutch & shaft into a meddle motion, and then you clutch & shaft into a fast and furious mood🍆💪 Now switch into the last mood where you thrust In your dick heavily once in five seconds🍑💪 You understand right?

• Afterwards continue banging as fast as u can but be sure that you're hitting the right spot (G spot). • When you're about to CUM, please say it. moan as loud as you can on her neck, cause it adds more pleasure to her🤤😩

• Then after leave ur Tools🍆 in her pussy & start kissing her romantically & tell her how sweet & magnificent her pussy was🤤😋 This ^ will reset & get u ready for round 2 Sweetie it's time to switch her up for round 2. Make sure to always use doggy style for ur round 2😋

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