nsfw (osaatsu , atsuatsu) #miyacestober2022 day 23 • high school / time-skip + self , age difference , selfcest , underage // atsumu had walked into his bedroom only to find that it was already occupied. by people having sex. +

but not only that, the people having sex were /him and osamu/, except they looked a lot older. also, he was the one /being/ fucked. "uhhh," he was gaping, he knew, but how the fuck else was he supposed to react? his dick was already standing at attention, +

so there was no surprise his brain had stopped working too. atsumu—the older one, the one being /fucked/—quickly looked at osamu and accused, "the fuck didya do?" "why'd ya think /i/ did somethin'?" osamu retorted. atsumu—the younger—could not stop looking at him. +

his shoulders were so broad and his arm was so thick. his dick was big too, from what he could see. he can't believe his older counterpart is just taking it like that, he couldn't imagine having something that large inside. then, atsumu's older self turned to face him. +

he'd flung a pillow over his lap, as if he wasn't already familiar with everything he had to offer. although... maybe his own dick got bigger in the future too, if osamu's was anything to go by. and speaking of osamu, older atsumu covering himself with the pillow +

effectively covered osamu from view too, and /that/ atsumu plus little atsumu was not so happy about. "oi," older atsumu said, sounding annoyed. "get out." "what?" atsumu protested, "but this is /my/ room!" "yeah, and it's clearly occupied!" +

"but you're— and i'm—" atsumu didn't even know how to explain it. this /was/ his world, he had no idea how the older atsumu and osamu got here, but this was /his/ room! if anything, they were the intruders. "he's got a point, yaknow," osamu said, brushing older atsumu's cheek. +

the movement was so tender and sweet that atsumu wanted to look away. it gave him a weird feeling. older atsumu rolled his eyes. "whatever." then he jabbed a finger at osamu's chest and— osamu's /chest/. how had atsumu just noticed it? +

his pecs were huge and looked so pillowy... they looked like tits. atsumu felt himself leak into his underwear, and almost missed what older atsumu said next. "but /you're/ not fucking him." f-fuck?! by osamu? by /older/ osamu? older osamu with the big cock? +

atsumu's never even— he's a virign! and he and /his/ osamu have definitely never— even though sometimes he wonders— osamu chuckles, and it almost makes atsumu go weak. he pulls his dick out, which causes both atsumus to whine, before telling older atsumu, +

"that might fuck up the space time continuum, or whatever the fuck it is making this possible, so i wasn't plannin' to anyway. /but,/ i do have another idea." he looked between both atsumus, clearly scheming. soon, atsumu found himself pressing his cock inside his older self. +

it was fucking /insane/, with the older osamu behind him, his strong broad body wrapped around him, guiding him. and older atsumu, despite how much he seemed to despise his younger self's presence—which doesn't even make sense—was taking it so well. +

atsumu was so overwhelmed he couldn't speak, the sensation being one he's never felt before. he wasn't even actually thrusting yet, because he was so concentrated on just not coming, he couldn't move. meanwhile, osamu said, "look at ya, tsumu. you're such a slut for it +

even yer younger self's cock would do, huh? ya take it so well." it made older atsumu moan and shift his hips, which then, inevitably made atsumu blow his load. everyone froze after that, none of them really sure if that had actually just happened. +

atsumu was the first to break, unable to handle the silence any longer, "it wasn't my fault!" he wanted to /cry/ he can't believe he fucked up his first time. with /himself,/ no less! "well it certainly wasn't /mine!/" older atsumu retorted, pissed off again. +

he was glaring at a spot behind atsumu, presumably osamu. when atsumu turned to confirm this fact, osamu shrugged. "i dunno what you're both lookin' at me for, i wasn't involved at all." then before either could argue that this /whole thing/ was his fault, +

he clapped atsumu on the shoulder—and he was a bit embarrassed about how much it made him blush—and said, "good effort. i know how good that ass is, so. it's impressive ya got as far as ya did." atsumu /preened/ under the praise. meanwhile, older atsumu decided +

to be a jerk about it. "aw, you're so kind, samu! tho /you've/ never prematurely ejaculated with me." the mention of what had just happened made atsumu embarrassed for reasons different to before, and he decided then and there that he liked osamu much more than he did himself. +

"i was just trynna comfort him, obviously," osamu told his atsumu, even though actual atsumu was right there and could hear everything. "yer ass stopped bein' special since the second time i fucked it." "the second?!" older atsumu exclaimed indignantly. +

"but yer cock was still—" and then he cut himself off, realising he'd already revealed too much. osamu picked up on it, of course. he smirked, "was still what, huh? and why the past tense? i know you're still so weak for me even after all these years." +

oh god. what was atsumu witnessing? why were they /so/ sappy? "um," he said, just so he didn't have to see his older self make googly eyes at his twin's older self. osamu looked at atsumu, while older atsumu just huffed and crossed his arms. +

"here," he said, before gently pushing atsumu to the side so he could take his place. "lemme show ya how ta do it," he continued, slotting his cock back inside older atsumu, who arched his back and moaned. "watch and learn."

// of course the atsumus would be jealous of each other and compete for osamu's attention of COURSE lol

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