ᶜʰᵒ 🎃 ˢᵖᵒᵒᵏʸ ˢᵉᵃˢᵒⁿ ˢᵖᵉᶜⁱᵃˡ

ᶜʰᵒ 🎃 ˢᵖᵒᵒᵏʸ ˢᵉᵃˢᵒⁿ ˢᵖᵉᶜⁱᵃˡ



#sakuatsu /nsfw fwb but it's atsumu kissing someone at a party and kiyoomi losing his mind over it The party ends with all of them saying bye and going home like giggling messes, only for atsumu to be thrown at the bed of thr hotel they're staying at the second they're back

Next thing he knows kiyoomi's kissing him like his life depends on it and mixed with the alcohol in his sistem it left him dizzy, not being able to register when they part for air and when they connect again His brain barely grasping kiyoomi's word and when it does it feels

Like a fucking whiplash "Do you liked kissing him, Miya?" Before his mouth gets stuffed with kiyoomi's tongue "What, you think I couldn't kiss you like that so you ran out to find someone else?" Right before painting atsumu's neck I'm dark purples and reds

But none of that compared to when kiyoomi grabbed his waist hard enough to bruise, lowering himself just close enough to his ear for a chill to run down his spine and say with that low and silky like voice

"Do you think he would fuck you like I do, /Atsumu/?" Just for him to thrust his hips so hard after, like he's trying to prove a point, like if atsumu could ever replace him even if he tried

//don't know what this is, just wanted a jealous kiyoomi wanting to remind atsumu who's he's (not completely yet) with

//sometimes there's wholesome content and then there's this

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