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The dirty inside secret most entrepreneurs don't know 10 spy tools I use to beg, borrow and steal my way to saas millions

1. iSpionage Enter your competitor's domain and find out which google keywords your competitors are running ads for

It will show you the top performing google ads

It will also show you the landing page that the ad redirects to Study and reverse engineer what is it about the keyword, Ad, and Landing Page that makes it work and apply it to your own ad strategy

2. Facebook Ad Library Steal your competitors’ Facebook ads. Find ads that have been running for 6+ months. All of these ads are likely profitable

3. SimilarWeb Find out how many website visitors your competitors are getting

Go deeper and see their actual sources of traffic Reverse engineer what is working for them and reprioritize your own marketing efforts

4. Getemail This tool "legally" captures emails of all your anonymous website visitors, without them knowing. Seriously freaky. Your visitors won't even know you have their email (I added my ref link cause Im a power user)

5. Hotjar Spy on your users and see how they are using your website. Watch every hover, scroll, and click without them knowing The red lines here are arrow trails

6. Median Even better than Hotjar - you can spy on your website visitors live and see what they see Visitors will not know that you're able to see them and even crazier, draw on their screen!

7. Google Alerts Set up google alerts and get notified whenever competitors make a move Example: Google Alert for whenever Amazon posts a job online Example: Google Alert for whenever Amazon pushes a product update Know your competitors' moves the moment they make them.

8. Social Mention Listen in on your competitors' social media activity This is where you'll know what their customers love and hate and how you can use it to your advantage

9. TweetHunter AI lets you find and steal the best performing tweets in any given niche and make them your own. You don't need to come up with new ideas, just take what works and improve it.

10. BuiltWith Sometimes competitors beat you because they use better tools This tool will tell you what tools your competitors use for Emails, Content, Payments, Analytics, etc. Never fall behind because you're using outdated tech

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