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; A few Reasons not go give up! Kind of scenarios included ! 🤍 -🍓#edtwt / #edtwtthread

1. - Feel more comfortable in your own body, you finally will feel free. Like you’re in control.. your body will feel light as a feather. Your arms will be smaller, so will your stomach and thighs 🍪

2.- More clothing options! You will drop a size or two, won’t you? You’ll be able to get more clothes, and make new fits you wouldn’t have been able to at your current weight!

3.- People will naturally be more attracted to you, you’ll be like a magnet. Both your looks and your personality will make things so much easier.

4 - People will stop judging you as hard.. imagine yourself, at your current weight eating a burger at some diner- people would give weird stares wouldn’t they? But if you were at your ugw, they would be jealous.. of your metabolism, of being able to stay skinny even during that

5.- Wouldn’t it be nice to not feel the flabbiness of your arms? The feeling of your thighs rubbing against one another? It would be way better, wouldn’t it?

6.- When you reach your ugw, the food you always crave will still be there won’t it? Or you’ll be able to make it. So, wait. You’ll enjoy it much more later, when you’re finally happy with yourself, the feeling of regret isn’t worth it right now.

7.- Imagine that you’re still the same weight you are right now on christmas.. wouldn’t that be awful? Stay on track.

8.- You’ll be able to go out more, enjoy hanging out with other people.. and people will feel more comfortable around you. You’ll be the skinniest of the group, they’ll always set you as an example.

9.- Imagine your crush/partner tells you that you look so big compared to them. You put your wrist next to theirs and compared to them.. you’re 12 times the size. Stay strong

;; END OF THREAD!! 🤍🍪 short but simple!

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