Jen - semi IA

Jen - semi IA



Omigiri - NSFW - PWP Kiyoomi thought Atsumu was handsome, but nothing more. The first time he meets Osamu properly, not over the net as a teenager, he’s nearly feral with want. “Can ya stop making fuck me eyes at my twin, Omi-kun.” /The things I would let him do to me/

“Omi!” Atsumu’s shriek was ear piercing. Of course he’d said that out loud. His only saving grace was that Osamu was in the kitchen. A throat cleared from above him. “Yer food,” Osamu placed each dish down, saving Kiyoomi’s for last.

“I wore gloves & prepared yers separately. It’s not on the menu, just for ya Sakusa-san.” Osamu watched as he chewed, waiting for his approval. Kiyoomi reached out a hand and placed it on that huge bicep, two fingers slipping between the compression sleeve and skin tight t-shirt

“Delicious,” his voice was unintentionally husky when he spoke. “Compliments to the chef.” Next to him, Atsumu made a fake gagging noise as Kiyoomi reluctantly drew his hand back. ———

After that, Kiyoomi would regularly go to Onigiri Miya on his own. He’d take a seat at the counter so he could /discreetly/ watch Osamu as he worked. And if his food regularly went cold because he got distracted by the flexing of Osamu’s biceps, well that was his secret. ——

“I’m locking up Sakusa-san, but feel free to finish yer food.” The sound of the lock snapping shut startled Kiyoomi, he looked down at his plate to see two untouched onigiri left. “Sorry Osamu, maybe I should get these to go, my mind is elsewhere.”

“Yer mind is in the gutter,” Osamu mumbled the words but Kiyoomi hears them & his face burns. He pushes the plate away. “On second thoughts, I’ll just leave you to it.” He’s already unlocking the door before he feels Osamu’s presence behind him, large arms suddenly cage him in

He’s a tall man, he has a good 5cm on Osamu but he’s never felt so small. “Yer not as discreet as you think you are” Osamu’s lips are on his ear, his voice low.

“I shoulda taught ya a lesson after that first comment. Bent ya over that table and fucked ya stupid in front of yer teammates.” Kiyoomi couldn’t hold back the whine that built in his throat.

“Oh, ya like that?” Osamu ghosted his lips down Kiyoomi’s neck. He pulled Kiyoomi over to the table he’d sat at the first time and bent him over so his chest was flush with the wood. “Stay.”

Kiyoomi did stay, technically, but he also managed to drop his trousers, and slide his spit slick fingers into himself as he waited. He /really/ hoped he hadn’t read the room wrong. “Fuck! Baby. Yer exquisite.”

A condom wrapper hits the table next to Kiyoomi’s head, he hears the click of a lube bottle then his boxers are being pulled down and there’s an extra finger joining his own. “Yer going to need a couple more if ya want to take me comfortably, sweetheart.”

Kiyoomi is taking four fingers before he starts to get whiney with need. “Samu. Please, Ah- I’m ready.” “Shhh, patience sweetheart,” he draws his fingers back, reaches down to tug one of Kiyoomi’s legs free from the tangle of underwear and trousers.

He bends it and places it onto the table before lining his cock up. Kiyoomi’s jaw drops open in a long silent moan as he’s filled up slowly, inch by inch. He’s grateful for the extra prep,

Osamu was not bragging was his size, he wishes he could press a hand to his stomach to feel for a bulge. “Talk to me baby,” Osamu stills as his hips meet Kiyoomi’s ass, letting him relish the feeling of being full. “Hit me with your best shot.”

The first snap of Osamu’s hips has Kiyoomi’s hands scrabbling for something to hold onto as his body jolts forward. By the third snap, he’s limp, already given in to the pleasure as Osamu pulls him back to meet each thrust.

“That’s it,” Osamu moves his hands to circle Kiyoomi’s waist and the sight of his thumbs meeting sends him into a frenzy. “Just take it, baby.” “I’m c-close,” The words have barely left Kiyoomi’s lips when Osamu pulls out, he whines at the loss.

“I want to see ya pretty face when ya cum just from my cock,” Osamu turns him around and picks him up easily.

Kiyoomi isn’t sure what has him painting his stomach white. His cock rubbing on Osamu’s ridiculously hard abs, the muscles of his biceps flexing under his hands as he’s handled like a rag doll, or his prostate being hammered repeatedly by the best cock he’s ever had.

Osamu isn’t far behind him, holding Kiyoomi down as he fills the condom with a grunt. He turns and perch’s on the edge of the able, hands moving to Kiyoomi’s ass to keep him secure. “Just give me a moment.”

A hum is all he gets in response. He hooks his chin over Osamu’s shoulder, the moment is awfully intimate for what is potentially a one night stand. “Let’s go shower,” Osamu carefully let’s his softening cock slip out of Kiyoomi, discards the condom before carrying him upstairs

They shower together, Osamu does most of the work. Kiyoomi is glad, he isn’t sure his legs could hold his full weight. Once they’re dry, Osamu helps him into a pair of boxers and a t-shirt before leading him to the bed.

When Kiyoomi is curled up on his chest, he breaks the silence. “That isn’t really how I wanted things to go.” “Oh.” “I want to wine and dine ya, take ya on a proper date,” he explains. “Ya deserve more than a rough fuck over a table.”

“Do you regret it?” “No, no, no. That was the best sex of my life. Sorry I’m so bad at this,” he lets his arm flop over his face. “I don’t want ya to think I just want ya like that.”

“So be my boyfriend. It’ll give us plenty of time to be wined, dined /and/ railed.” “Well, when ya put it that way.”

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