nsfw miyacest (osaatsu) , omegaverse , mpreg , sex while pregnant // a pregnant omega atsumu who has been abandoned by the one who got him pregnant. osamu (and atsumu’s other family and friends, but mostly osamu) help him through it instead. +

consequently, osamu becomes incredibly protective and possessive over atsumu and the child inside him, so much so that he naturally rises to the alpha status, fully equipping him with the means necessary to protect his family. +

bonus if it happens when atsumu’s ex, an alpha, decides to stumble back into the picture, and when osamu tries to tell them to back off, they scoff at him and ask ‘and what can you, a puny little omega like your brother, do if i don’t?’ +

they end up on their knees, face bloody, begging osamu with mercy. but osamu’s new alpha status comes with an unexpected side effect. there’s a sudden /want/ between the twins now, a desire that wasn’t there, or maybe wasn’t as pronounced, before. +

atsumu gets very horny every now and then, and while osamu didn’t really think much of it before, now he picks up on the change of atsumu’s scent so easily, is surprised by the way his body and mind reacts to it. even more unexpected is how it induces osamu’s first alpha rut. +

he wants to run away, /tries/ to run away, afraid and not wanting to hurt himself, or atsumu, or even worse, his unborn baby. but atsumu stops him. takes his hand so gently, and says it doesn’t have to be painful, he doesn’t have to be scared. he has the perfect omega to +

spend his rut with right here. except he can’t, osamu can’t, atsumu is— but atsumu is so convincing, when he says that osamu shouldn’t spend it alone, and it’ll be safest with him. he’s familiar, his scent is familiar, osamu will be safe. +

he adds, more cheekily, that seeing osamu in rut turns him on even more, that he hadn’t really thought about it before, but he really wants osamu to fuck him. ‘come on,’ he pleads, ‘you’re the only one i trust to do this. i haven’t been fucked in /months/, so please?’ +

it ends up being the best sex they’ve both ever had, and they keep going back for more and more, even when they aren’t in rut or heat.

// idk bro just protective alpha osamu taking care of his twin and his twin’s child, who isn’t biologically his own but is just as dear. think atsumu holding the baby and talking to someone, meanwhile osamu is standing at a distance death glaring the person atsumu is +

conversing with, just /daring/ them to try something with atsumu and his baby. the child growing up, absolutely /adoring/ their uncle osamu. even though he pretty much raised them, even though he and atsumu still fuck on the regular, they’ve always just called him uncle. +

that is, until, atsumu falls pregnant again. when they tell atsumu’s firstborn, they simply look at osamu and ask, “does this mean i get to call you dad now?” and so their little family has officially formed 🥰

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