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Historians estimate that the pyramids of Giza are roughly 5000 years old. This can't be verified for certain because you can't carbon date limestone. You can, however, carbon date an eggshell. This one, found in Aswan, is 7000 years old, and depicts the pyramids beside the Nile.


The Sphinx, also, cannot be carbon dated. But a quick glimpse at it from above is all you need to tell that the head is incredibly disproportionate to the rest of its body.

What's interesting is that roughly 12000 years ago, it would have been perfectly positioned to face the constellation Leo. You'll notice it's in the exact same pose as the constellation. I think it used to have a more proportional lion's head

12000 years ago is an interesting date, because that aligns with Plato's reckoning of the sinking of Atlantis. The Egyptian priest who supposedly told Solon the story of Atlantis claimed it existed roughly 9000 years before his time, and that story was told roughly 2500 years ago

Which lines up with the beginning of the Younger Dryas period, an era of intense cooling across the planet and the extinction of countless species of megafauna all around the world. Maybe even because of a meteor. You don't suppose that could have caused a flood?

I wonder what was so significant about the sky ~12000 years ago that the people who built Gobleki Tepe felt the need to immortalize the constellations in that position in stone forever!

Let's go back to the egg, though. What's that at the top? Concentric circles? If we're assuming this was a stylized map (which it was) this would be some kind of geographic feature, wouldn't it?

What's this weird series of concentric circles in the Sahara desert? And why does it look almost exactly how Atlantis was described?

If we assume the Egyptian priest who told Solon the story was aware enough of Atlantis (which existed 9000 years prior) to be able to describe it with any accuracy, one would imagine the Egyptian who carved into the egg, living even closer to the time, would be just as aware

Here's the Richat Structure, in the Mauritanian desert, surrounded by sand that looks like it was washed away by a giant wave

"Atlantis in the desert? What the fuck are you talking about?" I thought it was an island It was! The Sahara used to be humid, and green, and the Eye of the Sahara used to be in a giant fucking river with access to the sea! recently as 5000 years ago!!

"Alright Uncle Deluge, that's cool I guess but what else you got?" The Richat Structure is in a region of the Sahara called the Adrar plateau, coming from an old Berber word, which probably means something like "rocky" or "mountain"

But this isn't the only place in the region with the name "Adrar," oh no, it's actually quite close to another, significantly more recognizable place The ATLAS MOUNTAINS. Atlantis literally means "the island of Atlas"

Interesting that Berbers also appeared 12000 years ago. Wonder what would have happened that made them nomads in the Sahara?

Have a look at where "Atlantes" is

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