SkTs- NSFW (trying to bottom) “I’d be a great bottom! I would take cock better than anyone else ever has!” Atsumu declared to the entire locker room. “Have ya seen my ass? It’s glorious.” Sakusa snorted. Atsumu swung to look at him, eyes vicious and narrowed.

“Something to say, Omi?” Sakusa shrugged, scratching at his cheek. “You would be a terrible bottom. Loud, whiney, and you’d make your partner do all the work.” Atsumu’s glare intensified, “yer dick has a date with my ass. Tomorrow.” Sakusa watched as Atsumu stomped out of the

room, Bokuto and Hinata giggling in the corner. Sakusa sighed, at least Atsumu wasn’t awful to look at. He took it back. Atsumu was awful, no matter how he looked. “Ow, ow, ow. Omi. Yer killing me, Yer splitting me in half. Am I bleeding? Oh god.” Atsumu writhed on the bed.

A dramatic arm thrown over his eyes. Sakusa glanced down to his one finger inside the setter, and the half a bottle of lube Atsumu insisted on. “How do you look breedable, but you can’t take a finger in your ass. Mr. you’ll be the best bottom in the world.” Sakusa pulled at

his rim, feeling it soften and then tense. “Ya must have ogre fingers, Omi. That’s not my fault. Ya should have warned me.” Atsumu lifted his arm to glare. Sakusa sat back, pulling his finger mostly out when Atsumu clenched down on him. “Where do ya think yer going?” Atsumu

kicked his lightly with one foot. “Yer not leaving until I have yer probably monstrously fat cock up my ass. I still have to prove that I’m the best bottom ya have ever dreamed of.” Sakusa was so disappointed in himself when he felt his cock twitch at that. He let out a long

suffering sigh. “We are going to need more lube.”

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