Old St. Luxe ❤️💚🤍skts christmas fic on ao3!!

Old St. Luxe ❤️💚🤍skts christmas fic on ao3!!



NSFW ahead /// Atsumu desperately jerking off over Sakusa’s exhausted body. He’s whining, panting, basically crying as he fucks into his own hand and Sakusa can’t do anything but watch he’s so wrecked. Atsumu’s already led them through three rounds. Sakusa is covered in sweat

and spit and cum and he’s so exhausted your couldn’t pay him to care. And yet, here Atsumu is, /begging/ Sakusa as he comes again and shoots directly onto Sakusa’s abused hole. Atsumu doesn’t stop there. Oh, no. He’s not finished yet. He jerks with the aftershocks of

his orgasm as he uses the tip of his cock to gather his cum and push it into Sakusa’s hole. Sakusa is spent. There’s no way he’s getting anywhere near hard again anytime soon. Atsumu doesn’t seem to mind, though, and neither does Sakusa. Not when Atsumu is fucking another

load deep into him. Not when Atsumu is whispering the most pathetic little, “please, Omi, please,” Sakusa’s ever heard. Not when Atsumu suddenly swallows his tongue and goes still, cock throbbing inside of Sakusa as he comes for a final time. Atsumu collapses on top of

Sakusa, tears leaking from his eyes. Sakusa dances his fingers over Atsumu’s back. Maybe he’s finally done and they can get some sleep. Atsumu pushes himself up with a shaky arm and kisses Sakusa deeply. “Mm, thanks, Omi.” Atsumu murmurs. Sakusa’s eyes widen when he feels

Atsumu start to pull out. The feeling of cum leaking out of him makes him shiver; the fingers Atsumu uses to press it back in make his legs twitch. “Stay right here.” Atsumu whispers against his lips. “Gonna get ya cleaned up.” “How can you still /move/?” Sakusa asks in

disbelief. Atsumu shrugs and wipes at his eyes with his clean hand, ridding them of tears. “I think you broke me.” Atsumu smirks at that and Sakusa regrets saying it. Of course he’d take it as an ego boost and not a legitimate complaint. “Guess ‘m just better than you are

at sex, Omi.” Atsumu says breezily. He ducks into his bathroom before Sakusa can think of a retort. Sakusa glares at him on his way back into the room. “I’m sucking you off first next time.” Sakusa grumbles while Atsumu begins to carefully clean him up. He sighs tiredly and

closes his eyes. “We still have practice in the morning you know.” Sakusa forces himself to frown when lips press against his cheek. “I do know.” Atsumu says softly. Sakusa huffs, letting Atsumu moves his body around as he needs to. “Ya wanna just sleep in my room?”

Sakusa’s mood lifts slightly as he nods. Atsumu snorts and stands up, going to Sakusa’s dresser. “Okay. Here. Some clothes fer ya.” Sakusa pouts at Atsumu until he relents and dresses him himself. “Such a baby,” Atsumu mumbles. “You’re the one who fucked me so hard I can’t feel

my feet.” Sakusa accuses. He stands up on shaky legs and stalks ahead of Atsumu. “Let’s go. I’m tired.” He stops to grab his squishmallow on the way out, earning a muted laugh from Atsumu. Sakusa turns on his heel to hiss in Atsumu’s face. “I will make you sleep on the

couch by yourself!” Atsumu quiets down at that. He was not in the mood to sleep in the couch of the sharehouse. It’s as uncomfortable as it is expensive. “Sorry, sorry. Let’s go.” //end

Yeah I’m gonna end it there bc literally nothing else is going to happen lmao. This was fun to write tho so yay! #sakuatsu #Haikyuu #haikyuuthreads #anime #Anitwt

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