🌊Sui Ecosystem - Weekly Recap #2: A complete summary of Sui ecosystem & projects building on Sui (🧵) 17 September 2022 #Sui #SuiEcosystem #Suinami #MystenLabs

1-What is Sui? If you are new to #Sui, I have made an introduction to it just here:

2. An updated infographic of Sui ecosystem: According to, @SuiEcosystems there are now more than 50 projects being built on #Sui⬇️

3. AMA: Sui weekly AMA with @EvanWeb3 & @EmanAbio was about the last fundraising and the future of #Sui. In case you missed it, there is a record of it just here:

4. Podcasts: @LoganJastremski Podcast #19 with Sam @b1ackd0g, Co-Founder of Sui & @Mysten_Labs. A discussion about #Move, #Sui & blockchain scaling :

5. Threads to read: @EvanWeb3, one of the founders of @Mysten_Labs, wrote about #Sui data model and txn processing pipeline:

@EvanWeb3 wrote also on #Sui parallelism:

@OmniBTC wrote "On what opportunities can OmniBTC bring to users?"

A sum up of the last #Sui AMA made by @SuiEcosystems :

6. Articles to read: "The Next Frontier of Blockchain Performance: Beyond #Ethereum and #Bitcoin" written by @SolanaLegend @_Frictionless_

"The Move Prover: A Practical Guide" written by @osec_io

7. Github updates: Developer Experience Roadmap :

8. Sui Ecosystem update: @ComingChatApp, a #Sui wallet, is available on iOS and Android versions now!

@STARSPACEio is a new NFT Marketplace coming to #Sui.

This week @BlueMoveNFT introduced the first #NFTs Collection launched on #Sui! @theSuiPunks

@TrialXtreme is excited to collaborate with @YieldGuild to introduce our game to the next wave of gamers on #Sui.

@Scale3Labs is building foundational tools for the blockchain node operator community on #Sui:

@suiet_wallet is happy to announce a partnership with @SuiNames:

@Origin_Byte is coming to #Sui. They are building standards and tooling to make life easier for games and #NFT creators!

@PythNetwork is excited to announce that $AAVE is now available on the Pyth network:

@EthosWalletXYZ is excited to announce a partnership with @Clutchy_io:

@sowork_ is building a workplace metaverse on #Sui:

@F1Dog_Official is the first #NFT Dog Racing Game based on #Sui and #Aptos:

9- To stay up-to-date with #Sui: @Mysten_Labs @SuiEcosystem @SuiEcosystems @SuiChainNews @SuiDaily_ @SuiMedia @Sui_Chain @SuiDailly @MystenLabs_Fr @MystenLabs_CN @MystenLabsTR @SuiTurkiye @kohkim @EvanWeb3 @EmanAbio @kostascrypto @b1ackd0g @GDanezis @EvilleAlly

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