Rebecca Medina

Rebecca Medina



(ENG) ABOUT THE PHYSICAL ABUSE SUFFERED BY THE INTERPRETER OF OMEGA X IN CHILE BY THE GROUP'S STAFF This is the true about what REALLY happened on OX's concert in Chile where the staff abused the translator, who was even underpaid. #PROTECTOMEGAX

I'm doing this even knowing my chances of working with OMEGA X will be 0 in the future. Fernanda Burgos is a well known interpreter in Chile, she even speaks 3 languages. So her payment should have been better. She took the job out of a favor. Her payment was for 3hr out of 10

First thing she encountered with the korean staff was xenophobia. "Is she the translator?" asked a staff in english because he thought she only spoke spanish. All bc she was korean, she looked like a chilean girl.

Everything went down hill when the female manager grab her arm violently and told her "We need to talk". Fer asked her to let her go but the woman refused and acted violently again. She spoke informally to her, when Fer only spoke formally, as she should bc they are not friends

Every word that came from the manager were intentionally condescending. She never looked at her and always treated her in a way that Fer could only cry. Fer was worked with korean people for 5 years, because she is also a singer. But the staff, as she said: "was awful"

"the manager was rude all the time, she always talks to me informally and never looked at me" Fer said to me on our conversation about OMEGA X being mistreated.

If the staff is rude with people they don't know, imagine whta they do to the boys. Fernanda told me the group were the nicest people she ever met (she has worked with plenty) but the staff were the issue. She got abused by people she didn't know. This can't happen again.

The pressure was so bad that Fernanda burst into tears due to the verbal abuse and the xenophobia. none of the korean staff agreed, they said that they accepted the fans albums at the fansign, but at the moment, the male manager was rude to the interpreter: "do your job well"

When Fernanda only followed their orders. And about the issue of OMEGA X leaving Chile... That statement is half lies. But that's other issue.

I haven't even mentioned the bad treatment suffered by the Kpop Chile Oficial team. They, too, were treated like "filth." The owner of this company experienced moments of pure systematic violence due to the fact that she was Chilean.

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