percy πŸ’Œ with the tiger lily

percy πŸ’Œ with the tiger lily



#skts, college au. alcohol, parties, body shots, consensual sex under influence of alcohol. basically nsfw for ayla. ^^ atsumu never thought he'd be licking kiyoomi's abs to take a body shot off his body. but well. here they are.

there really isn't an elaborate explanation for this. shoyo made a party, he invited people from their volleyball circle, and got drunk with everyone. he's honestly a king for that. as for the body shot...? okay, yeah, there's /some/ context there.

you see, kiyoomi is as competitive as atsumu. they're both assholes too, so... it made sense to dare each other to drink and to embarrass themselves more than the other, for the sake of an unofficial and meaningless 'winner' title.

it began with atsumu saying something like "yer incapable of havin' fun! seriously, you would lose every drinking game!" that's atsumu for you, though: stupid and clueless. because kiyoomi's fucked at least two guys at this same party in the past, and he /can/ hold his alcohol.

"yeah? sure enough to bet for it?" was kiyoomi's reply, calm and a little condescending. atsumu smiled. "yeah. bet."

and so, they made everyone get in a circle and play some lame-ass version of 'never have i ever'. "okay, okay," shoyo started. "never have i ever hooked up with someone at a bonding activity or training camp."

"oh, fuck off!" came bokuto's response. "i told you that in confidence!" shoyo just shrugged with that goblin smile of his. "drink up!" a few more people drank (atsumu wasn't surprised to see iwaizumi do so), but he /had/ to ask. "who was it, bokkun?"

bokuto sighed. "kuroo" atsumu laughed, delighted by the impromptu gossip session. "isn't he with kenma, though?" "no, kozume-san is with wakatoshi," answered kiyoomi instead.

atsumu was glowing when he turned to kiyoomi. "/really/?" "whatever!" bokuto cut them short. "never have i ever given a lap dance." "easy," atsumu said, shockingly at the same time as kageyama. they both drank. but they were not the only ones.

"damn, omi-san!" shoyo laughed. "didn't know this side of you!" "huh?" atsumu replied. "he took two shots already!" "no he /hasn't/," atsumu felt the need to clarify. "he has! i swear!"

atsumu was met with kiyoomi's smirk. "what, are you a prude, miya?" well, shit. it went downhill from there. a few more of those prompts took them to where they are now: "never have i ever let someone take a shot from m' body!"

kiyoomi stops in his tracks, glaring at atsumu, who drinks with a big smile on his face. "guess i'm just that experienced, omi." "so why don't you?" a voice interrupts. what. "what?" both kiyoomi and atsumu say, looking weirdly at sugawara.

"what? it's a good idea! since you're already making this weird for everyone to look at, why not go all out?" atsumu and kiyoomi share a look. "or what," suga says. "are you scared? was it all talk?"

now, they're not dumb. they know they're being riled up. but... "i'm fine with it" kiyoomi speaks first. atsumu feels things getting tense (but not like bad tenseβ€” /hot/ tense is more like it). "me too, then." he turns to kiyoomi. "yer not gonna beat me."

so kiyoomi takes off his shirt, with their friends are scattered around the room. some looking (like, /really looking/), others chatting, and a few not even caring about their shenanigans in the first place.

maybe it's the alcohol, but kiyoomi's excited. that's all it can be, of course, because it's not as if he likes atsumu. nope. not at all. so when they place a line of salt down kiyoomi's abdomen and place the shot near his bellybutton, and atsumu comes closer...

well, he ignores the weird fluttering in his heart. atsumu comes closer, closer, closer... kiyoomi can't even tell if there's music playing anymore. he only sees atsumu taking the shot of tequila, his lips coming closer to kiyoomi's skin.

the anticipation is weird. he wants atsumu to do this, even if he'd never admit it out loud. the moment atsumu picks up the salt from his body, kiyoomi shivers. he looks at him directly in the eye as he goes to take the lemon slice, and smiles so smooth that kiyoomi's done for.

"fuck," he says, standing up and grabbing atsumu by the hand, heading for the door. "my room, now." "yessir!" is all atsumu can say, feeling chills go down his bodyβ€” remembering the sensation of kiyoomi's abs hardening under his tongue.

it wasn't the only thing hardening, though, if kiyoomi's reaction is any indication. "use protection!" atsumu hears someone yell. probably sugawara. when they get to the dorm, it's a delicious frenzy of hands and lips.

atsumu feels kiyoomi (like, /feels him/) and it's a matter of time until they're both panting and grunting. they spill white while they kiss and eventually, they fall asleep. after waking up in each other's arms, in spite of the headache, they come to the same conclusion:

"i learned absolutely nothin'." "me neither," kiyoomi declares, smiling. "that was amazing. let's go again." "ya wanna fuck me again?" "maybe i wanna fuck you forever." atsumu laughs and kisses him. "you fuckin' sap."

|| fin!!! this is for the one and only @mehkrokosmos!!!! happy birthday, u sweet baby!!!!!!!!!!! this is not much, but it's honest work! i am rlly happy that ur alive and one year older, please keep making the world brighter with your hot ass and cute self <3333

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