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๐Ÿ”žcw// sibling incest, unhealthy dynamic๐Ÿ”ž #miyacest #atsuosa โ€” they only fuck when they're pissed off. it's how it started the first time, and how it went every time after. atsumu hates it. animosity is not a stranger to him, but like this? he thinks like an addict nowโ€” +

how do i push my brother's buttons hard enough that he fucks me this time? how can i get him to see red with dilated pupils? how can i make him mad enough to put me in my place? it's like a sickness. the 'fucking his brother' thing, yeah, but moreso the brainspace it occupies.+

that's the addiction. it drives every step, shoves every word from his throat. today is just the same. "so what if i fucked 'im?" he asks his brother, barbed wire on the door handleโ€”tear it open, and it'll hurt us both. "you only give a shit when you're pissed at me +

anyway. fuck off, 'samu." it's not true. they both know that. but atsumu knows what buttons to press like he knows the back of his own hand. osamu's fingers reappear at his wrist like a magic trick, the fine bones in atsumu's hands creaking. "fuck righ' off with that, asswipe.+

yer so full of shit anywayโ€”my *ass* you think i don't care. you jus' wanna get fucked. yer tighter when yer pissed, so fine with fuckin' me." atsumu goes quiet, seething, ready to lash out, but osamu beats him to it. osamu's belt snaps out from his belt loops, and circles +

atsumu's wrists before he can say shit. arms above him, head shoved back against the wall, his twin's teeth at his neck. it hurts. he needs it. his pants around his ankles and osamu's harsh hand on his cock bring him back in time to struggle. "get the fuck off 'a me, bastard."+

"nah," osamu smirks, "gonna shut you up." that shoots through atsumu like a fuse, burning him down to explode as osamu wraps fingers in his hair and pulls hard. atsumu hisses, teeth bared, but his dick twitches in 'samu's hand, and osamu scoffs. "this is why ya couldn'ta +

fucked him. need ta get put down like a dog, and he's a bottom." "i top!" atsumu sounds like a liar in his own ears. too high. stressed. squeaky. osamu laughs, full of joy. "and yet you haven' moved yer hands." ...he's right. hands tied, up above his head, right where osamu +

left them. "hate yer fuckin' guts, 'samu." "like i said, just makes ya tighter." atsumu had fingered himself in the shower that morning, so prep goes quick and messy. he's pushing back on three when osamu finally shoves his cock in instead, and atsumu yells at +

the pain of the extra stretch just as much as the pleasure of it. osamu fucks him into the wall, hard and fast, makes the picture frames rattle with the force of it all, until atsumu is spilling early across the front of his brother's shirt. osamu's not long to follow, +

grunting and groaning as he cums over one of atsumu's thighs. it's quiet for a long beat, like it always is. atsumu comes back into himself long enough to act pissed. "really had'ta jizz on me? gross." osamu rolls his eyes, setting his brother back down hard. atsumu's knees +

buckle slightly under the shift. "yeah," osamu snickers, "that's what i fuckin' thought. gimme my belt back." atsumu holds his hands out, but has no choice but to wait for osamu to undo the buckle himself. without another word, osamu does up his pants, +

and snarks a smile at atsumu before heading into the kitchen, belt buckle clinking in hand. *i'll bring up his grades next time,* atsumu thinks, *that'll get him good.* --FIN--

ok its DONE! j had 2 get it off my chest, hope u enjoy ๐Ÿ‘… (also 'him' is whoever u want it to be โค) #miyacest #osaatsu #atsuosa #twincest

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