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Sabba Keynejad



I was exploring the design category in the App Store last night and stumbled across an interesting niche. 📸 Passport photos. I think this could be a $40K+ Mo / $500k Yr side project. Here is what I found and how I would build it.

I was surprised to see this app ranking so high. So I downloaded it, to try the flow: 1. Take Pic 2. Automatic BG removal 3. Light editing tools 4. Download or print On download, I would need to pay $17,99 to get the photos. Useful, but pretty expensive if you ask me.

Next, I got curious to see if anyone was doing this on the web. I found a similar tool, however, it relies on you uploading a photo. So not great. The next step was to find out how big this niche really was.

From a quick look at search traffic, it would seem like 250K people are looking for this on the web globally every month. However, I would think mobile is a much better-suited platform for this tool, therefore could be 2-4X higher.

So let's say conservatively, 500K people need these tools globally every month. As it is high intent, I will assume a 1% conversion rate to paid. 500K/100*$15= $75,000 a month. I think the build is easy so most of my time would be focused on SEO and ASO.

Should you build this? I would ✅ Proven market. ✅ Search demand / Route to market. ✅ Easy build. ✅ Not very competitive niche. I like it! What am I missing?

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