Take 2 minutes to read this to focus better than 93% of people:

Everything you do requires set-up time. So, batch similar tasks together. For example: - Batch planning and organizational tasks - Batch creative and free flowing tasks When you do, your brain will focus 10x easier and faster.

Not all tasks require the same energy. Writing = High energy. Running errands = Low energy. Separate tasks on your energy levels.

Create fixed time-slots. Tasks like checking emails are a constant threat to your focus. Instead of checking them throughout the day… Check all your emails at a fixed time every day. This way, you’ll spend 20 minutes on email instead of 2 hours.

Find your prime time. Everybody has a time during the day when they have the most energy. Use your prime time to crush high-energy tasks. Your efficiency will reach a whole other level.

Optimize your location. Some tasks require a desk & an internet connection. Others, like deep thinking, work best on a walk. Find the right environment for your tasks. It’ll have a massive impact on the quality of your work

Create a plan. Make a list of all the things you need to do and tag them with a category. 1st priority, 2nd priority, and 3rd priority. Now you can create a schedule based on the tags to have your tasks batched up. You’ll no longer be busy, you’ll be productive.

How to focus better than 93% of people: 1. Batch task types 2. Separate tasks based on energy 3. Create time slots 4. Find your prime time 5. Optimize location 6. Create a plan

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