SUGGESTIVE THREAD: Rajiv Khan-Gandhi was ki££ed (I WON'T say "Assassinated")by LTTE. But what if I say Rajiv Khan-Gandhi was GOT ki££ed by LTTE! I won't say anything loud because I don't want to get Ki££ed or get my account blocked! You can call it Fiction or Join dots! 1/26

Let's start! News1: ‘See us as victims,not killers’: says RP Ravichandran, one of murderers of Rajiv Khan-Gandhi, after SC releasing All his murderers News2: Sri Lanka's president has accused a top Norwegian envoy, Erik Solheim of covertly financing LTTE Now hints Start! 2/26

🔸Roman Catholic Church..the biggest influencing body has a SECRET AGENCY..."Opus Dei" 🔸Opus Dei, formally known as Prelature of Holy Cross and Opus Dei is ON PAPER an institution whose members seek personal Christian holiness & try making world run on Cristian Principles. 3/26

🔸There are 2 religions in World which CAN'T grow WITHOUT conversions..I$£am & Cristianity 🔸Largest & Oldest religion in World is HINDUISM 🔸Opus Dei works to MAKE world work on principles of Cristianity 🔸Largest followes of Hinduism are in Bharat 🔸Opus Dei influences CIA 4/26

🔸To hide connections with Roman Catholic Church...Opus Dei operates mainly from NORWAY & DENMARK 🔸Bharat's proximity with Russia wasn't liked by CIA 🔸CIA wanted access to Secret Files from PMO including Defence Policies & Deals 🔸Opus Dei wants conversions in Bharat 5/26

🔸Both interests match 🔸Opus Dei GETS "Niece" of one of it's agents get PROXIMITY with son of "Royal Family of India" 🔸She falls in love (😂😂) with that "Prince from Royal Family" 🔸She is got married to that “Prince from Royal Family". But... 6/26

🔸SHE isn't able to get close to PMO because of Influential Younger brother of "Prince from Royal Family" 🔸HER HANDLERS help HER by getting Younger brother Eliminated in ORCHESTRED Plane Crash 🔸SHE gets Wife of THAT younger brother's widow thrown out of ROYAL house 7/26

🔸Still SHE isn't able to get access to Secret & Imp Files because of HER Autocratic Mother-in-law 🔸HER HANDLERS once again help her by getting HER mother-in-law Eliminated 🔸Prince becomes King 🔸SHE starts getting DEFENCE DEALS DONE through her Family Friend minting money 8/26

🔸Corruption gets exposed. King loses power 🔸King starts getting suspicious about HER affiliation 🔸Due to Idiot opposition...King is about to get back power 🔸SHE knows that STILL it won't suit MISSION given to HER 🔸Direct Control is better than via a stupid husband 9/26

🔸HER HANDLERS again activate their people in a Foreign Land 🔸King has already agitated those people from Foreign Land with his Stupid Foreign Policies. So convincing THE LEADER of so-called Ethnic Leader is not a problem + Money 🔸Deal done 🔸SHE doesn't accompany King 10/26

🔸King is Blown Off & Murdered 🔸SHE becomes राजमाता 🔸Still not able to grab power directly, but Starts controlling via Remote Control 🔸Rampant Conversions start, Bharat starts losing everywhere on each front 🔸Hindus are targeted. Narratives set 11/26

Okay! Now let's stop at HER story with her HANDLERS! You must have already got bored or must have already known some of those things. So....let's move on to some unsaid Unrelated or Maybe Related FACTS which very few know about.... 12/26

LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam): On ideological front,LTTE is often labeled as Hindu terr0ri$t organisation by Jehadi apologists to justify their beloved phrase, “Terrorism has no religion” It was SUPPOSED to be fighting for Rights of Oppressed Tamils in Srilanka! 13/26

So was LTTE a Hindu Outfit as was PROJECTED? Absolutely No!! Just look at the people who were running & controlling LTTE! 14/26

LTTE was attempt to create an anti-Tamil,anti-Buddhist & anti-Hindu statelet in immediate vicinity of Bharat. It aimed to sabotage unity of Hindus & Buddhists to create artificial Church funded entity. Innocent Tamils're made to believe LTTE is fighting for Tamil Cause. 15/26

How many of you know that LTTE Chief Prabhakaran was a lapsed METHODIST CHRISTIAN! Chief ideologue of LTTE was Anton Stanislaus Balasingham, another DEVOUT CHRISTIAN. All the LTTE cadres were buried instead of being cremated like in Hindus. 16/26

Chief Bishop of Munnar had allowed LTTE to run their operations office from inside the Madhu Church and Chief bishop of Munnar was the ambassador of LTTE, Rajjappu Joseph in London. Was this told to you? 17/26

Be it Anton Balasingham or Prabhakaran, they had explicitly mentioned that goal of LTTE was to form a Socialist Republic of Tamil Elam which is much in consonance with what the Church funded extremist groups desire in the North Eastern part of Bharat! 18/26

LTTE modeled Secession of its State let from Srilanka just like NORWAY had seceded from Sweden in 1905. Same LTTE was behind Murder of Rajiv Khan-Gandhi. Srilanka has accused Norwegian Envoy of financing LTTE Again. Too many Coincidences, Right? 19/26

So which "King" is NOW on LTTE Radar? Once again...DMK is running State Govt in Tamilnadu! Once again...LTTE is being revived in Srilanka which has become easy breeding ground for Terr0ri$ts due to it's economic instability! So who is the TARGET Now? 20/26

SHE is choked from all sides. Foreign Funding via so-called NGOs is blocked. Anti-conversion Laws being framed & strictly implemented. Converted Christians are denied benefits of Reservations meant for SC/STs. 21/26

Yes. It's the NEW "HINDU" KING who is on Target NOW! HIS Rising Clout, HIS Unapologetic admission of his Hindu Origin has put entire Ecosystem under "Question of Continuation" which will lead to "Question of Survival"! 22/26

That's why, HE was respectfully given Personal Appointment by HEAD OF SOVEREIGN VATICAN CITY STATE, Pope Francis, at Vatican on sidelines of G-20 Summit in ITALY on 30-Oct-2021. NSA Ajit Doval Sir's presence with HIM on this G-20 Tour speaks volumes! 23/26

A scheduled 20 minutes meeting went on to an Hour! What must have been discussed is anybody's guess! But definitely it must not have been about HE converting to Christianity!! 😂😂 24/26

Let me say in coveted words! IT WAS MEETING BETWEEN TWO POWER CENTRES!! Till yet,There were two Power Centres..Rome & Macca! Third & MOST POWERFUL Power Centre is NOW emerging at AYODHYA! HE perfectly knows threats to him! I still request HIM to be Too Careful! 25/26

If you connect dots...You get a clear picture! It's NOT about HER....She is JUST a PUPPET! It's about HER HANDLERS!! It's NOT about Only HIM... it's about a WAR which HE is leading while getting BACKSTABBED by HIS own people!! JUST STAY WITH HIM! 26/26

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