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#sakuatsu || stressed college omi kiyoomi huffs as he buries his fingers in his curls, tugging at them tightly. school has been incredibly stressful for him lately and it just keeps getting worse. finals are coming up and they are eating away at him. +

his phone breaks him out of his university induced out of despair. his ringtone specifically selected for the one and only miya atsumu rings through his musty dorm room. he picks up the phone and grunts a small hello. +

“hey baby, you sound excited to hear from me,” atsumu chuckles. kiyoomi instantly feels calmer at the sound of his boyfriends voice. “‘m sorry, atsu. this week has just been a nightmare. i don’t have much time to talk,” he grumbles, exhaustion trickling through his cracks. +

“so yer telling me you want me to go back to osaka?” the funniest thing, he not only hears the hyogo drawl through the speaker in his phone but through the thin door separating his dorm room from the long hallway. he drops his phone on his desk and jumps up. +

he almost trips on the books littered through his floor as his rushed to the door. he flings it open to see his blonde bundle of sun standing outside, phone still pressed to his ear. quicker than atsumu can blink, kiyoomi is running into him, crashing like a wave on the shore. +

his arms wrap around atsumu’s waist as he nearly collapses into the shorter man. “baby, hey. what’s goin’ on?” atsumu whispers, pressing a kiss to kiyoomi’s temple. “let’s get inside, okay?” kiyoomi nods before breaking away and gently pulling atsumu in by his hand. +

they get in and kiyoomi brings atsumu and himself to lay down on his tiny xl twin mattress, pressing himself as tightly into atsumu as possible. “why is this so hard,” kiyoomi whimpers as he squeezes his eyes shut, trying his best to not cry. +

“oh omi,” atsumu whispers before pulling kiyoomi further into him, running manicured fingers through tangled raven coils. they lay like that for a while, kiyoomi finding as much peace as possible in the warm body rhat completely engulfs him. +

the best part of atsumu is he not only envelops him physically but emotionally and mentally too. kiyoomi is entirely consumed by the bright presence of his boyfriend, distracting him from every problem that lives outside of them and their intimate bubble of ~them~. +

after calming down a bit, kiyoomi finally looks up at atsumu to find him already looking down at him. “hi,” he breathes, almost too quiet to hear. “hey, love,” atsumu returns, a warm smile stretching at his cheeks. +

kiyoomi buries he face into atsumu’s chest once again to hide the burn making its way to his cheeks. a faint, “what are you doing here,” is heard through the layers of fabric. “i know it’s not off season but we got a weekend off and i figured you could use some company.” +

fingers squeeze the back of atsumu’s shirt as kiyoomi looks back up at him. “how do you always know?” “call it my omi-sense. you start not feelin’ great, my omi-senses start tinglin’” atsumu grins. +

strong fingers further detangle kiyoomi’s curls as they sit in their comfortable, shared silence. “baby, are you sure school’s the right move for you?” atsumu speaks so quietly; if kiyoomi hadn’t been completely enclosed in his arms, he probably wouldn’t hear him. +

he freezes in the blondes hold, once relaxed body going completely tense. “what do you mean,” he mumbles, trying to fight the squeeze of anxiety constricting around his lungs. +

“i mean,” atsumu pauses, carefully choosing his next words. “you just seems so miserable. between volleyball and your classes, you have no time for yourself. everytime i see you, it seems you retreat further into yourself and i hate seeing you like this.” +

a hand tilts kiyoomi’s chin up to look at atsumu before atsumu brings his forehead closer to kiyoomi’s. “you deserve to be just as happy as everyone else, my love. and i just don’t think school is doing that for you anymore.” +

a silent tear runs down kiyoomi’s cheek as he looks into the warm pots of amber gold that are his lover’s eyes. “atsumu,” a voice crack breaks through his through, deafening to the man beside him. “i don’t think i can do this anymore. i think you’re right.” +

he finally cracks as his body shakes in atsumu’s hold. atsumu pulls kiyoomi’s head to his shoulder as he rubs his back and presses small kisses onto the other’s neck. “it’s ok, love. you’re okay,” he whispers, running his fingers down the tense cords of kiyoomi’s muscles. +

as kiyoomi’s sobs slow down and his breathing evens back out, he pulls his head out of atsumu’s shoulder to look up at atsumu. “what will my parents think? what if they’re disappointed?” he worries, eyes swollen and bloodshot. +

“well then we’ll just have to deal with it together. finish this semester out and respond to the teams that have been contactin’ ya and we’ll see where you’ll go from there,” atsumu offers gently, the advice as sound as he can give. +

“i’ll always be here for ya, omi. no matter what you do, you’re not gettin’ rid of me,” he adds on, bright grin lighting up the room. “i don’t deserve you,” kiyoomi says, a smile finally making its way onto his face. +

“of course you do, prickly-kun,” atsumu smiles, pressing a kiss to the other’s nose. +

and to atsumu’s very pleasant surprise, he see’s kiyoomi at the msby dormitories four months later. it was a hard secret to keep but it was all worth surprising the other in return with a brand new jersey with the number 15 sprawled across the front and back.

// YEAAAAA college drop-out omi my beloved <3333

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