nsfw (osaatsu) #miyacestober2022 day 6 • fantasy + breed , omegaverse , mentions of breeding and pregnancy // /'tsumu,' osamu says, breathless, as atsumu enters his tight heat. 'i wantcha ta breed me. i watcha ta fuck me full of yer seed, i wanna bear yer pups.'/ +

atsumu wakes up with a start, pulling aside his covers and looking down at the wet patch forming over his boxes. fuck. what the fuck? where the /fuck/ had that come from. it's not the first time atsumu has had a wet dream about his twin, +

but it's definitely the first of /that/ kind. despite being two alphas, he and osamu always make it work. perhaps sex is more complicated than it would be if one of them were an omega or even a beta instead, but that's part of the fun. +

atsumu and osamu, as twins, are not meant to be together. atsumu and osamu, as /alphas/, are also not meant to be together. but they make. it. work. and it's good. it's fun. they don't have to worry about things like unexpected pregnancies. +

or so atsumu thought. he has absolutely no explanation for the dream his brain had conjured up, doesn't even know /where/ it might've come from. neither him nor his twin have ever really expressed a desire for kids, and though they like sex to be wet and messy, +

they've certainly never mentioned /breeding/. the fantasy stays with atsumu for the rest of the day. what if he /were/ to breed osamu? what if he did fuck him full of him come, what if he /did/ get pregnant. atsumu... does not think he would be opposed. +

it becomes an issue after that. every time he jerks off, he thinks of an osamu with his belly full. when he's slapping volleyballs during training, he imagines being balls deep in his twin. +

he hasn't been this horny since he first presented, when he would rut desperately against anything he could. incidentally, one of those things was osamu. many times. and they'd even fucked, because that was when osamu still hadn't presented yet, +

so it was even /easier/. atsumu suddenly has a flashback to that moment, when he entered his brother for the first time. he remembers thinking something like, 'fuck this feels good,' but more important to the current situation, 'i hope he presents as an omega.' +

well shit. did atsumu's subconscious, newly-formed alpha brain already have thoughts of breeding osamu even back then? why had he forgotten about it until now? it was true that they were getting older, and it was true that their parents have been pestering them to +

settle down and have children lately—atsumu and osamu can't and won't tell their parents about /them/, so perhaps it's been on his mind. children, huh? it's not unheard of for an alpha to become pregnant. only, they will need to be bitched into an omega first, +

and that involves a lot of sex, and a lot of come. a lot of the time, they even become pregnant /during/ the process, already having conceived by the time their omega status becomes present. atsumu thinks about it. thinks about it again. +

the sex part will not be difficult for him and osamu at all. so the only thing left is... atsumu picks up his phone and calls osamu. he answers after the second ringtone. "what is it, tsumu?" osamu greets. atsumu says, "i got somethin' i wanna talk to ya about."

// atsumu tells him and it's silent on the other end and he's a bit scared but then osamu quietly confesses he'd been thinking about it too and atsumu is all GASP SHOCK YOU PLANTED THIS SEED (hah) INTO MY MIND DIDN'T YOU +

and osamu is just *exasperated sigh* and how would i have done that and atsumu is like nooo no no i'm onto ya! and osamu shakes his head and internally is like is this really the idiot i wanna have a kid with.. (the answer is yes)

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