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#sakuatsu nsfw Atsumu fought with Kiyoomi last night. It was nonsensical, petty and held no real value. Atsumu was just moody and wanted some attention. He didn't think the fight would be big enough to make Kiyoomi pack his stuff and move to the guest room for a night.

Atsumu wanted to patch things up, he really did. But the tiny egoistic part of his brain didn't wanna say the s word. How else could he possibly get Kiyoomi to look at him and not scoff?? He has an idea. It could either work or make him more mad. He was willing to take a shot.

"Omi omi... breakfast is ready... come quick..." he screamed from the kitchen of their shared apartment the next morning. Kiyoomi hated loud noises in the morning. Especially to wake him up. He'd rather wake up with a soft peck than loud yelling and Atsumu was well aware of it.

Then why is Atsumu yelling in the morning to wake him up? How much more does he wanna piss him? He doesn't respond. Atsumu yells again. If kiyoomi wasn't annoyed before, he sure is now. He scoffed and walked out of the guest bedroom towards Atsumu's voice.

"what the fuck do you want n-" he stopped mid sentence because Atsumu made his jaw drop. There he was standing, near the counter, naked as the day he was born, only wearing an apron with "Kiyoomi's bitch" written on it, that his team got him as a joke.

An outline of his semi hard dick could be seen through the apron. His ass was pushed out and it had some vanilla icing on it. How did it even get there? "I made breakfast for ya omi... its yer favourite" Atsumu said in his sultry voice, clearly suggestive.

Kiyoomi said nothing. He slowly walked towards the counter. Not even batting an eye at Atsumu. Atsumu visibly sulked. Kiyoomi took the plate with his breakfast on it from Atsumu's hand and kept it aside on the counter. Then stared deep into Atsumu's eyes.

So close to his face that their lips almost touched. Atsumu thought Kiyoomi was going for a kiss, a very needed kiss, so he closed his eyes and leaned in. But kiyoomi grabbed Atsumu's throat, forcing him to open his eyes in fear and pull away.

Kiyoomi leaned in again, lips touching this time. "You thought you could ruin my night AND my morning and just hop around with your ass hanging out, calling yourself my bitch and I'd forgive you?" he whispered lowly. Atsumu apologizingly smiled and nodded, hoping for the best.

"I will ruin you. In about 2 hours you will forget your own name. All you will remember is who owns you" Atsumu's dick jumped in excitement and fear. Before he could say anything, Kiyoomi turned him around and bent him on the counter with brute force.

"but first let me clean the mess you made" he said before lapping the vanilla icing on top of Atsumu's cheeks and burying his face in them. //fin

hello people... this is another of my 1k celebratory content... I'd be so so happy if you check this out too since I'm essentially an artist๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ

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