Mang | my neck hurts | 22 | 🔞 |

Mang | my neck hurts | 22 | 🔞 |



#omigiri | nsfw, riding When Osamu said he had the perfect gift for their anniversary, Kiyoomi thought of presents like rings or a candle light dinner. But no. Here he is, on the couch in his pajamas after dinner, looking up as Osamu took out a small package from

behind a few of his cookbooks on the bookshelf. "Here ya go," he says with a grin. Kiyoomi raised an eyebrow as he accepted the gift. Osamu smiles, the grin a little cunning and fox-like. Kiyoomi didn't waste time tearing the plain cardboard package open.

"Oh," Kiyoomi looked down at the blue hardcover book. "A planner diary?" He sounds almost confused. This is what Osamu meant when he says he had the perfect gift for him? "Oh, well, thank you, Osamu." He tries to cover up a little of his disappointment, didn't want

Osamu to feel offended. "I really wanted one to plan out my -" he was cut short as he opened the front page. His face immediately turned red as he quickly snapped the book shut. It wasn't a diary planner. Osamu grins wider. "Osamu..." Kiyoomi looks up at him. He then looked

back down to the book. He opens a random page, gasped and closed it shut again. "You like it?" Osamu asks, eyelashes fluttering. Kiyoomi knows his whole face is red. He could only nod, face flushed and hot. It wasn't a diary planner. It was a photo book of Osamu

in a boudoir photoshoot. He opens a random page again, and it was a picture of Osamu in lingerie, hooded eyes looking straight at the camera as he sits against pillows, knees bent and legs open. His body was glistening with oil, his erection straining against the

material of his panty. If Kiyoomi dared to look closer, he would have seen the wet patch there. "Oh darlin'," Osamu purrs. He made his way to his husband, pushing away the book to sit on Kiyoomi's lap, his knees straddling his husband. Kiyoomi gasped as Osamu's ass grinds

gently against his growing erection. "Did I look good?" Osamu asked. Kiyoomi dumbly nodded. "So good that ya got hard?" He teased. Kiyoomi looks embarassed, but again he nods. Osamu laughs, looping his arms around his husband's neck. "Good," he murmurs, leaning close so their

noses almost touch. He could feel Kiyoomi's strained breath against his face. It's amusing yet so arousing at how fast he could get Kiyoomi to be horny at the mere sight of him in sexy lingerie. "Kiss me." Osamu demands. Kiyoomi couldn't say no. He doesn't want to.

So he kisses him, pulls him closer by the waist, groaning into his mouth as Osamu grinds down again. When they parted, Kiyoomi's eyes were already so dilated. Osamu sighs in delight, a hand sneaking down to pull his husband's cock out of the confines of his pants.

Kiyoomi thought if Osamu wasn't a restauranteur, he would've made it big in the porn industry. With the way his husband moans at the sigh of his cock, him keeping eye contact as he spits on his hand to slick up his dick. Kiyoomi could almost bust right then and there.

Instead, Osamu pulls his own pants down, just enough so he could position Kiyoomi's dick at his entrance and sinks down. At the feeling of Osamu's tight, warm hole engulfing him, Kiyoomi snapped. He pushed Osamu down, watched with rapt hunger at the startled moan Osamu let out.

He didn't even give him time to prepare before he plants his feet firmly to the floor and thrusts up, his hands slamming Osamu's body down to the rhythm of his thrusts. His eyes feasted on the look of pure bliss on Osamu's face. His cock hungry husband is so easy to please

once Kiyoomi has his dick in him. A cruel thought passed, of him making Osamu cocwarm him until the man cums on his lap (he's done it before), but thinking back on how thoughtful Osamu's gift was, Kiyoomi decides to indulge him. Osamu was moaning wildly on his lap, bouncing like

a ragdoll as Kiyoomi puppets him. They're so attuned to each other's bodies that Kiyoomi knew which angle to thrust, which spot that will make Osamu cry and beg and cum so hard his eyes would roll back. And he wants to thank Osamu for his thoughtful gift, so he rams in just how

he knows Osamu would like it. He watches, hungry, as Osamu chants his name, going cross eyed as he stammers on how he's going to cum. Kiyoomi let him cum, but he didn't stop, not even when Osamu is begging in oversentivity. The man was clutching at his shoulders, babbling on

how he can't take it. Kiyoomi knows he can. "Shh, you're doing - fuck, you're doing so good," he grunts as he praises Osamu. The man was sobbing, hole clenching around Kiyoomi's massive dick. Kiyoomi could feel he's getting close as well. So he slows down his thrusts and

started fucking up slow and deep, pressing against Osamu's prostate until the man's legs shake and he starts to whimper and beg. "One more, baby," Kiyoomi murmurs, taking Osamu's face into his hand. "One more and I'll cum in you." He sees the shiver that goes through Osamu's

body as soon as he said that. So Osamu strokes himself, eyes locked with Kiyoomi as he strokes himself to completion. He moans, tips his head back as he cums right into his hand. Kiyoomi took it and brought the hand to his mouth. Osamu watches, head spinning with desire as

his husband licks the mess up. He wa startled as Kiyoomi moved again, and despite his oversentivity, Osamu clenches, desperate to bring his husband to cum. It took Osamu nibbling on his pale neck to feel warmth spreading inside him. Kiyoomi's groan was low and hot against his

ear. Osamu moans with him, swivels his hips around to milk him. "Happy anniversary," he says. Kiyoomi chuckles breathily, the sound almost making Osamu hard again. "Happy anniversary, baby," Kiyoomi leans back to look at him. "Thank you for the lovely gift, baby."

At his lazy, satisfied grin, the hand mindlessly stroking his thigh, Osamu knew he wasn't going to let the night end here. Not yet. Not when he hasn't shown Kiyoomi what's under the box hidden beneath their bed. He's sure his husband is going to love that one as well. /End

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