kay | read my new threadfic!

kay | read my new threadfic!



short bkdk socmed AU ✨ Izuku has to leave for the day and Kacchan is not coping well

Remember, read twitter feed posts from bottom to top!

sometimes the tweet limit is a good thing

The Incident


end 💗


that’s it! this was silly and started as something else entirely so maybe I’ll make my og idea at some point! this is super ooc but I just love the idea that izuku leaves and kacchan turns into this major drama queen. simpchan is real 🤭

This randomly picked up!!! (also @ikra_kay I just have to say that I’m completely losing my mind at the fact that you liked and retweeted this I love your account so much 😭😭😭)

I have more socmed aus if anyone wants to check them out! I haven’t done very many but I hope to do more!! Here’s my first one

Here’s a short one where Denki suffers (poor baby)

And here’s my most recent one!

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