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Alex • Copywriting Dad.



To be a high-value man, do this...

1. Build a god-like body Health, wealth and respect will come with a fit body, Dad bods and everything are just an excuse to laziness You MUST be fit if you want to be healthy, happy and wealthy.

2. Start a business You can't afford having fun or being happy when you're broke A business will make you money, friends and give you skills no one else can't. (If you want to start a business start here

3. Learn martial arts Self-defence is important Not because you can fight anyone But for yourself, family and moments you can't avoid.

4. Surround yourself with high value people You will rise to levels you won't even explain Someone knows something you don't. Listen and you will learn a lot, There is a lot.

5. Ask for what you want From your boss, friends and family Ask that salary raise Ask for the truth Ask for anything People will respect you for that.

6. Learn to look at people right in their eyes People lie a lot And are never confident with themselves Look at them in the eyes You'll know a lot.

7. Tell the truth There is nothing as shameful as being known as a liar You may get what you want But it won't last long No one will ever believe you.

8. Spend time alone Some truths about yourself, others and life can only be clear when you spend alone, Don't ignore the truths you learn.

9. Take care of your health You have people around you who in one way or the other depend on you The moment you're unhealthy it will be impossible to perform optimally when needed the most.

10. Learn skills that no one thinks are important Some skills like; • Cooking • Sharpening knives and axes • Driving fast • Hunting • Calculated silence May seem important to most but you should learn them as a man.

11. Test your theories Because not everything you listen or have read applies to you Know what there is Know what feels right to you Do that unapologetically.

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