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Worried about the recession decimating your book sales? No worries mate, you just need to write the right type of book. THREAD: Five book types that sell like wildfire during recessions.

Type #1: Survive Hard Times Help your readers survive and thrive during a recession and they'll love you forever. My favorite example is Jay Abraham's "The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth In Tough Economic Times."

"The Sticking Point Solution" tells you how to get unstuck from a sludge of an economy while everyone else is still stuck. You can be the one that gets out alive. You can be the one that thrives and moves and grows faster than ever. Isn't that a book you want to read?

Now think about your industry. What strategies or tactics or processes are you a master of, that will help your readers survive hard times? Bonus: how can you frame your high ticket offer as a way to survive a recession?

Type #2: Spirituality & Religion As @bowtiedbull points out, religion and spirituality sell better in down times than they do in good times. So it is with books. "The Shack" came out in 2008 that redefined Christianity for millions of people in the Western world.

@BowTiedBull During a recession people are looking inward for answers. If you have a fresh perspective, a new philosophy, or a controversial take, this is the time to publish. Don't wait for good times- by then, maybe no one will care.

@BowTiedBull Type #3: Find Your Personal Advantage "Strengths Finder 2.0" arrived February 1, 2007. That meant it was perfectly positioned as the market crashed in 2008. Everybody wanted to know- "How do I find my unique edge?"

@BowTiedBull Fear leads us all to question ourselves. Any book that helps your read find their personal advantage will help them feel strong and confident. Strength and confidence lead to victory. Write this book if you want to help your audience win.

@BowTiedBull Type #4: Go Your Own Way Is the herd miserable? Must be time to go your own way! That's the psychology that made "Outliers" a smash hit in 2008. This book type works when it becomes clear that the old ways have failed.

@BowTiedBull The old advice said to do X, Y, and Z, but that didn't turn out so hot. Write a Go Your Own Way book to show us the new path to salvation.

@BowTiedBull Type #5: Sensemaking During a recession people get confused, and they don't know why. This makes people uncomfortable. The sensemaking book is the book that helps make people make sense of how we got into the situation.

@BowTiedBull How did our tribe get here? This book type is needed regardless of which tribal level we are talking about. Here are tribes you belong to that may need a sensemaking book: Society at large Industry Political party Social tribe Religious tribe Food tribe Fitness tribe

@BowTiedBull Sensemaking books that killed it during the last recession: The Big Short Good to Great Game Change Food Rules All these books helped us make sense of what was happening during confusing times. Simple but not easy!

@BowTiedBull "Joshua, which book should I write?" That's the most common question I get asked. Here's my response:

@BowTiedBull What do you have to say that readers have not heard before? Expertise is not sufficient to write a best selling book during a recession.

@BowTiedBull You need originality. You zig while everyone else zags. You sell Macs while everyone else sells PC. You eat vegan while everyone else goes carnivore.

@BowTiedBull Repackaging what worked before is lame in good times. It will crater your book sales in hard times. "I want to write Good to Great, but with my name, and my stories!" Boring, lame, no-seller, and criminal besides.

@BowTiedBull Now you know the 5 book types that sell best during recessions. If you want help choosing which book to write, and you want the whole book writing process to be made as simple as possible, talk to me here:

@BowTiedBull Retweet if you want to save your friends from writing books that won't sell during this recession.

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