Cass 📌 SKTS Under the green light AU 💚

Cass 📌 SKTS Under the green light AU 💚



Sakuatsu / omegaverse/ NSFW / Breeding kink / semi public sex The Sakusas always had the habit of throwing big but still intimate events whenever something happened. Airi's baby shower wasn't an exception. Kiyoomi's sister was the first to announce a new pup coming into

The Sakusa bloodline. Of course it called for a party. While Kiyoomi loved his family he still sucked at giving present. At the time he received the invite he glanced at Atsumu on his left. "No, it's yer sister, ya deal with the gift." Atsumu shut him down at first.

The omega resigned himself when he saw what Kiyoomi brought as "an appropriate gift for a pup". A whole new medical kit. For a pup. Atsumu took over the gift task. Scrolling through his social media trying to find something fitting and cute. On the third day of his gift quest,

Atsumu stumbled across a post. Cute little onsies and clothes with animals features on them. Atsumu didn't know much about pups, but even he found them adorable. His chest feeling warm at the sight. He walked straight to the alpha, his open palm facing up.

"Found the gift, hand over yer credit card, ya bad uncle." He teased. Kiyoomi ignored the jab while pulling up his wallet from his back pocket. "What did you find?" He asked curious. Atsumu wiggled his eyebrows in victory and shoved his phone in the alpha's face.

"This is cute but kind of useless," Kiyoomi remarked, handing his credit card to Atsumu. The omega huffed. "I wonder how we got together with yer lack of taste." "Maybe that's why we're together." Kiyoomi teased back.

"Wait until yer mom hear about her first step as an uncle." Kiyoomi frowned, Atsumu won this round. "They should get here in a couple of days, since I'm going to Samu's, ya have to get a nice package for them since I won't be here to do that." Atsumu reminded Kiyoomi.

Kiyoomi grabbed his wrist and pulled him closer, circling his waist as he nuzzled Atsumu's belly. "As if leaving me wasn't hard enough, now I have to find a cute wrapping paper. You're cruel." Kiyoomi's dramatics rivaled Atsumu's, the latter rubbing circles on the alpha's

Back with a fake croon. "I'll pick you up at your brother's so that we can go there together." They sealed the deal with a kiss and Atsumu went back to finish packing for his trip to Osamu's place in Tokyo.

Days later, Atsumu rushed the stairs down to meet Kiyoomi. Spending time apart wasn't the hardest thing but both of them cherished the reunion. Atsumu ran outside the building looking left and right to spot his boyfriend. He wouldn't get far because even after several trips to

Tokyo, Atsumu absolutely would get lost there. Thankful for his boyfriend being born and raised here. The smell of pine hit his nose before he noticed the mop of curls getting blown away by the city's wind. Atsumu smiled at him, a little wave to make sure Kiyoomi would spot him

Kiyoomi's eyes narrowed and widened as he recognised Atsumu. His steps quicker, arms ready reaching out. Atsumu met him halfway, like always. Kiyoomi pulled his mask down and crashed their lips together as they both held each other. Pine and grape swirled around them.

"I missed ya too" Atsumu breathed out when they part, his eyes turning into little crescents when he smiled at Kiyoomi. Kiyoomi want fond of scenting outside their home but right now he couldn't help himself. The alpha rubbed their necks together and Atsumu let his eyes close.

"Okay now that we're all smelly, time to get to yer parents' " Atsumu held Kiyoomi's hand who guided them up to the car. Atsumu put his bag on the trunk and noticed the cute wrapped gifts in an adorable pastel yellow bag.

Once they both settled and strapped up, Atsumu kept glancing at Kiyoomi with a fond look and his face. He slowly reached the alpha's jaw, caressing it with the back on his fingers. Kiyoomi's eyes turned pink and Atsumu's heart was filled with warmth.

On they way there Kiyoomi admitted the gifts Atsumu got was a better idea than his. The omega celebrated by clenching his fist in victory. "Yer really hot when ya admit that yet wrong, Omi-kun," Atsumu faked a sigh of relief, ignoring the glare Kiyoomi sent him.

"I'm still better at wrapping gifts than you though," Kiyoomi retorted with a smug face. They arrived at Kiyoomi's parents' not much after that. In the elevator Atsumu tried to peek at the gifts but Kiyoomi swatted his hands. "You're going to rip it." Atsumu huffed.

He just hooked that everything would be fine. In any case he planned to pin it on the alpha since he knows Kiyoomi's mom would back him up.

The shower went well, a cute decoration, a warm atmosphere and a buffet that was probably overpriced with twenty ish close relatives. Kiyoomi, true to himself grumbled half of the time, hiding his snarky remarks behind Atsumu's back who was strategically sat in the alpha's lap.

It was now time to open the presents and Airi proved that she was once again a great host, if she didn't like any of the presents she received she was extremely good at hiding it. Atsumu had a hard time at first knowing if she liked him or not.

So when she picked their gifts, Atsumu became awfully serious, he would also see them for the first time. Kiyoomi felt him stiffened, he gently rub his hip in comfort. "Atsumu chose them," Kiyoomi said to his sister. Atsumu's lips thinned, he glared at Kiyoomi. "Traitor"

He gritted out. Kiyoomi looked smug and Atsumu wanted to kiss the smugness out of him. His silence battle with his boyfriend distracted him. Atsumu heared cooing and gasps. He quickly turned his head. Airi was holding a set of onsie with the animals faces on the hood.

As a semi joke, Atsumu picked a fox one and a weasel one to commemorate his and Kiyoomi's days in highschool where they met. Somewhere at the back of his mind, Atsumu could hear the praises and the thanks. He struggled to smile in return as his eyes were fixed ln the clothes.

His grape scent turned sweeter, which alerted Kiyoomi. As Airi put down the clothes with the rest of the gifts she squeezed Atsumu's hand as a thank you. Atsumu nodded and turned to look at Kiyoomi. His skin pickled and he felt like floating. Kiyoomi's eyes narrowed.

The alpha was quick to react as he got the both of them up, excusing themselves. Atsumu let Kiyoomi guide him outside of the living room and up the stairs. Probably to Kiyoomi's old room. But Atsumu ran out of patience. He pulled on Kiyoomi's hand,

Forcing the alpha to stop at top of the stairs. "You smell like you're in heat bjr I know you're not, what's happening?" Kiyoomi asked, worry tinted his voice as he kept it low. Atsumu could hear the party going in clearly but he couldn't help it.

He slammed Kiyoomi against the wall, stealing the breath away from the raven as he crashed their lips together. When Kiyoomi tried to pull away Atsumu kept him close, a growl left his lips. /I need you/ it screamed. Kiyoomi's pupils dilated as he cupped Atsumu's nape.

Bringing their lips close once again. Atsumu fumbled with Kiyoomi's belt, panting against the Alpha's jaw, as he nipped it. "Atsu, wait," Kiyoomi's voice struggled to sound even and collected. Atsumu looked back, a flash of hurt in his eyes.

Kiyoomi helped Atsumu unbuckled his pants slowly. The omega kept licking his lips at the display, tasting the sweet after taste of the cake they had earlier. Kiyoomi used this moment to pull Atsumu towards his room, walking backwards. Kiyoomi crooned at Atsumu to waiting

Until he could close the door. Atsumu jumped on him the moment the click of the door echoed. Atsumu was hard and leaking. He almost teared his pants off, his movements betraying his impatience. Kiyoomi grabbed his hands, pushing his scent forward to ground Atsumu

"What's going on ?" He asked again. "Omi, I want ya to put fill me up, until my belly is full and round." Atsumu's voice sounded decisive. Kiyoomi sputtered, trying to find something to rationalize the omega. But he felt himself grow hard.

And he didn't want to say no. So he did the only thing he could. Kiyoomi pinned Atsumu on his teenage bed, too small for two people. Atsumu trapped him between his legs, rubbing their cocks together, only their underwear as boundary. Both of them ached to get rid of that

Obstacle. Kiyoomi swiftly took off Atsumu's soaked panties and freed his cock right after. The alpha felt like a teenager, popping his first knot too quickly when Atsumu shifted their position. Slick dripping Kiyoomi's lap, tickling down on the scent glands on his thighs.

He bit his lips to prevent the moan building up in his throat. Atsumu looked feral, his eyes slitted in fixed on Kiyoomi's length. He looked absolutely gorgeous, powerful. "Kiss me," Kiyoomi used his Alpha's voice, not sure why but his instincts were getting full control.

Atsumu dived down, tongues and lips melting together, building a fire inside their stomachs. "Give me yer pups, alpha," Atsumu commanded "fill me."

Kiyoomi groaned, lifting Atsumu up with a display of strength akin to his rut's. Atsumu chanted a series of plea and breathless 'yes' when Kiyoomi took a hold of his cock and rubbed it against Atsumu's rim. "Come on," Atsumu pleaded.

He choked on his spit when he felt Kiyoomi's cock stretching him. If Atsumu was impatient, Kiyoomi ran of out it just at this moment. The alpha didn't wait as he pushed himself inside Atsumu's tight heat. Atsumu trembled, a cry fled his lips. "So full," he whispered.

"Not quite, love," Kiyoomi lifted his face close to Atsumu's. "But you're about to be." He bounced Atsumu on his cock with force, punching moans after moans out of the omega. He gritted his teeth when he saw the fucked out, blissed expression on Atsumu's face.

Atsumu looked like he was in heat and Kiyoomi acted as if he was in rut. It was carnal, feral, none of them minding the volume as they only headed the sounds of their bodies. Atsumu splayed his hands on Kiyoomi's chest for balance as he tried to meet Kiyoomi halfway in his

Thrusts. "Deeper, alpha," Atsumu demanded out of breath. Kiyoomi turned them over, towering over the omega. "Show my your belly," he said before Atsumu could process the shift of position. "Show me, Atsumu." Atsumu grinned and nodded, lifting his shirt to show his chest

And belly. "This is what you want, love" Kiyoomi resumed his restless thrusts as he flicked one of Atsumu's nipple, "you want to be full here?" Atsumu whimpered. Kiyoomi trailed his fingers down on Atsumu's abs.

"You want to be soft and full with my pups here ?" He pressed his hand down on Atsumu's belly. "Do you feel me here? Trying to get you what you want?" Another harsh thrust and Kiyoomi could feel the heat coiled at the base of his spine.

Atsumu didn't look any better as he grasped Kiyoomi's hand pushing it further on his stomach. "Plea-please, Omi," he cried out, tears rolling down his face. Kiyoomi kissed him, he bent Atsumu in half feeling his cock being swallowed. Kiyoomi cursed. His cock grew bigger

At its base. It wasn't impossible to knot outside one's cycle but it was still rare. "Fuck, look at you, sucking me so much in my knot is growing for you." If he want so out of reality, Kiyoomi would research everything about it. But, how can he think about anything else

But Atsumu right now ? The omega tried to milk his knot, crying for him, pleading for his pups. Kiyoomi felt his knot thickened as he pushed it inside Atsumu who came with a choked, silent cry, Painting his chest white. Kiyoomi groaned as the first load of cum painted

The omega's walls. His mind going blank, as Atsumu whimpered beneath him. Kiyoomi's hips came to a halt and he had to fight the urge to sleep on top of his boyfriend. Atsumu opened his arms and Kiyoomi accepted the invitation, diving down to into nuzzle Atsumu's neck.

As their breath slowly came back to normal, Atsumu was rubbing his fingers weakly in Kiyoomi's hair and peppered his forehead with slow, quiet kisses. "If you keep doing that, I'll really fall asleep" Kiyoomi's voice was muffled into Atsumu's neck but with years of practice,

Atsumu understood and chuckled. A hiss bleeding from his lips as Kiyoomi kept releasing his cum inside him. Kiyoomi pecked his scent gland where his claim mark was fading, he frowned at it, and bite back into it. Atsumu gripped Kiyoomi's hair whispering "I love ya, Kiyoomi."

Kiyoomi let go of his gland and licked it clean before he got up on his elbows. "So what was that all about? Atsumu blushed. "Would ya believe me if I told ya that I don't even know myself?" Kiyoomi snorted. "Kinda took me by surprise there." Atsumu furrowed his brows,

Opened and closed his mouth a couple of times before Omi rubbed his nose against Atsumu's. "I think," Atsumu started unsure. "I might one a family with ya at one point in our lives, if ya want it too." The confession rang loud in Kiyoomi's head. /I want a future with you/

It said. "I definitely want a life with you and everything that goes with it, wether it's buying our own place, moving elsewhere, pups... I want you and for a long time." They weren't the best at grand declaration, but saying the truth was their forte and it was enough.

They spent more time basking in each others' warmth until Kiyoomi's knot died down. Slow and careful touches for while as they both got up and dressed. When Kiyoomi proposed a shower to Atsumu who agreed they were both hit with the realization that they were not alone in the

Comfort of their hom. Both turned white. "Yer family is going to hate me." Atsumu slapped his face in his hand. "Okay, option number 1, we go down-" "Not happening." "Option 2 we borrowed one of my old trick." Atsumu tilted his head in question. "We hide upstairs and

My mom will bring us food, eventually." Atsumu snorted and kissed Kiyoomi quickly. "I'm so glad yet one prickly alpha," Atsumu teased. Kiyoomi grinned, smug. "Bathroom at the end of the hallway, now before someone catch us." Kiyoomi pulled Atsumu to the bathroom where Both

Of them laughed. It was only hours later that Kiyoomi's mom knocked on the door. "When you're both ready, come down for dinner with us. They're all gone now, unlike the rumors of me being twice a grandmother now." Atsumu hid himself under Kiyoomi's pillows and the alpha

Grunted. "Can't believe she didn't even bring us snack, I really lost my privilege as the last one now that Airi's pregnant." Atsumu rolled his eyes and called him a big baby. Kiyoomi offered his hand to Atsumu who met him halfway and held Kiyoomi back with a kiss.

"Thank ya, for being with me." Kiyoomi smiled, genuine and cupped his face Gently. "It's what family does." Kiyoomi whispered.

// The end. It's a bit abrupt for an ending but I'm hungry and soft. As Always, this is a cass'thread so ignore the typo and thank my friends for enabling me on daily basis, love you guys 💞

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