This week's #TuesdayAesthetics is on something I've been looking to talk about for a while. Group A and B Rally cars, and their influence on the formation of Blue Wave Wonder.

I've always loved racing games. Always. Back when I was a kid, I was picky in real life, preferring bikes to cars - but now I love them both equally. I especially love the idea of cars that were sleek while being boxy and of a simplistic design.

This is yet another holdover from my love of older racing games, especially from the late 1990's-era of PC and console games. Along with explaining how they influenced the thought process behind some tracks, this thread will feature some very cool cars.

For example, cars that look like these.

The idea of making music fit to be the soundtrack to a scenic drive down a mountainside in a car that looked like this came from my first real synthwave album as @indighost42, 'Waverider'.

Even after the album was out and I'd moved onto darker, analogue 1980's sounds, the idea wouldn't leave my head. It dawned on me that in order to really achieve this sort of creative catharsis, I'd need to embrace the video game elements or this new sounds I was searching for.

I wanted to make an album to be the soundtrack to a game based on nothing but this. Hazardous roads, dangerous drifts around wild and unpredictable bends, dust kicked up everywhere; that was the genesis to Blue Wave Wonder.

More cool cars that fed the creative process:

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