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9 images that will make you a better writer (I wish I’d have seen 10,005 followers ago): 🧵

1. Writing that reaches people = writing that creates emotion. This one helps you understand all different emotions you can target:

2. Writing is music. This famous image shows how to make it sound on point:

3. You can improve your writing by 99% just by writing with simpler language. Here’s a great example by @Jayyanginspires:

4. One of the world’s greatest copywriters: David Ogilvy. Here are all his secrets in a nutshell:

5. Great writing comes down to masterful storytelling. Below you see 22 rules of the world’s best storytelling company: Pixar.

6. Writing that’s easy to read = writing that’s easy to skim through. A quick to accomplish that:

7. Want to create original content? Follow your curiosities & add a unique perspective. Visual by @thedankoe

8. Kill your perfectionism or it will kill your potential. Publish every draft even if it feels crap. Visual by @visualizevalue

9. Being clear > being clever. A great way to put it by @milanicreative:

Alright - that’s a wrap! Enjoy content on 🔹 writing 🔹 creator’s mindset 🔹 how a 13 y.o. is building a digital leverage? Follow @writing_cheats for more.

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