♡kenma’s girl♡

♡kenma’s girl♡



#miyatwinsday HAPPY BDAY TO MY BABYS 💖 cw// #miyacest #miyacestober2022 #osaatsu They hit the door while kissing, hands everywhere, gropping, grabing and squeezing any inch of skin they could, babbling eachother’s name, while Osamu was trying to open the door not wanting+

to let go of his twin. They celebrated their birthday alone bc aparently none of their friends were available, not a single one, how could they forget?!! Fuck them, they still had eachother so thats what matters. They ate, and then drank and drank and drank so now+

they were a hot, drunk, horny mess, just wanting to finally get home so they could have birthday sex. They stumbled inside their apartment, not even bothering to turn the lights on, immediately getting naked without breaking the kiss. “Samu ughh” Atsumu was already a mess, tears+

adorning his beautiful face. “Samu please please” “I‘ve got u babe” Unable to hold back any longer, Osamu bent him over the living room table and started fucking into him as if it were no tomorrow, as if it were the last and first time all at once, they could never have enough+

of eachother and today was another year of being together in all the ways they could. They came together with groans and moans and whispering eachother’s name. They were trying to catcher their breath when they noticed a movement in the darkness and before they could understand+

what was going on the light turned on and all their friends were staring at them, Atsumus volleyball team, their friends from school. They all had ballons, garlands, bonnets, Hinata was holding a cake and they even put a “Happy Birthday” poster. They pretended to be busy so they+

could surprise them. Well, the twins were VERY much surprised. End// I dont know lf this was good but i had this idea over a while now and i needed to let it out xd anyway Happy birthday Miya twins 💖💖 I’m sure i had some mistakes but i think you’ll understand anyway

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