I asked 1 billionaire, 1 PHD math professor and 1 99 year old man what self-reflection questions they asked themselves Their list of the questions to make you feel more fulfilled in life, love & career Ask yourselves these questions today:

If I had 50M in the bank, how would my day-to-day change?

How will being anxious about this serve me?

Do I really need to answer this text or email right now?

Am I really happy? Or am I just really comfortable?

Am I really trying my best or am I just telling myself I am?

What is it that I can think of, read, watch, listen and talk about for hours on end without tiring of it?

If I had to describe who I wanted to be in 3 words what would those words be?

What would this look like if it was fun?

What would it take to snap me out of my bad mood immediately?

What's the first thing you think of when you wake up most days?

How do I want my life be different in one year?

Is this project making me a better person?

Am I doing this for myself or because someone

Am I doing/not doing this out of fear?

What are you in love with? Is that what/who you want to be in love with?

Would my 15 year old self think I'm the coolest?

Fun tip: Adding these self-reflection questions (and your own) in your to-do list So you never forget and you constantly grow

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