Dave Farley

Dave Farley



Here are a few thoughts on things I wish I knew when I was first a tech lead... a thread 1/7

The Leader's Role is to Help the Team be the Best they Can Be. It's not really about having the best technical skills, but rather about amplifying the capabilities of the team as a whole. 2/7

Use the Position to Remove Barriers. A Tech Lead may have more access to more connections use them to build relationships with other teams; remove barriers and shield the team from outside interference and politics. 3/7

Use Your Skills and Experience when it Matters Most. It's not part of the role to have all the answers, make all the technical decisions, or be the best programmer; but neither should you leave that all behind you and become just a 'manager'. 4/7

Be Prepared for Difficult Conversations. Feedback is important & not just at Review time. Regularly tell people when they have done well. It's also important to intervene early, have a private word with people who need to do things differently for the sake of the team. 5/7

Like it or Not, You're Now a Role Model People will look at what you say & do, take notice of your ideas, interpret suggestions as decisions, and judge you, or copy you. You need to earn trust & influence through your actions, not because of your position. 6/7

Perhaps the most important role of the Team Leader is to create a learning culture and a safe environment in which colleagues can share ideas, and where we can all safely make mistakes and learn from them. 7/7

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