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Everybody writes (texts, work emails, sales copy, etc.) But few people write well. Here are 7 free, must-have writing tools:

1. Power Thesaurus A Chrome extension to replace weak words. • Tap into the power of synonyms • Grab attention and evoke emotion in your reader

2. Quillbot A free paraphrasing website (popular among students). • Input text and hit Rephrase • Get AI-inspiration on how to rewrite • Scan text for plagiarism (built-in feature) • Credit sources

3. Grammarly Keyboard A mobile typing assistant to write mistake-free (for texts, emails, tweets). Grammarly for desktop is popular. But most people don’t know about the free mobile version. Fix ‘their/there’ and other common errors missed by autocorrect.

4. Otter AI An AI-powered tool that transcribes speech to text (in real-time). I especially like the mobile app. • Overcome writer’s block • Sound more conversational • Capture ideas while walking your dog

5. Hemingway A website that grades writing for readability. (Ernest Hemingway’s writing was between a 4th-6th grade reading level.) • Remove errors/typos • Cut adverbs, complex words, and long sentences Be like Hemingway.

6. Evernote Web Clipper Research is crucial to the writing process. Use this Chrome extension to: • Clip articles • Reference sources • Organize your writing project

7. MyBib Free: Citation Generator A Chrome extension that generates citations automatically. • Works great for academic assignments and papers • Click the button on any webpage • Create accurate citations (in APA, Chicago, etc.)

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