Omegaverse, mpreg, alpha!Atsumu, Omega!Kiyoomi Kiyoomi met Miya Atsumu in maternity ward a day after giving birth to a child conceived during a one-night stand. He was a stupid virgin in his first year of university and got knocked up the first time he had sex.

His family forced him to give birth far from home and put the baby up for adoption so nobody would know how shameful and slutty Kiyoomi had been. He was waiting for the agency to show up and take the wailing baby, not daring to feed him, afraid it would be to hard to let

him go then. But Miya Atsumu interfered, and before Kiyoomi knew what was happening, he agreed to stay with the Alpha in exchange for sex. It was stupid and he knew it but he was desperate to keep the baby and Miya was a public person—if he hurt Kiyoomi or his baby, it wouldn’t

be easy to hide. And the deal seemed fair. Atsumu promised to take care of them both and if he didn’t, Kiyoomi could always leave. So it was settled. For the first three weeks there was one more person with them—Atsumu’s twin and Kiyoomi’s roommate in hospital who gave birth to

a tiny girl. He stayed with Atsumu because his Alpha, Suna Rintarou, was playing at the Olympics in the volleyball national team (Atsumu would too if not the brace on his knee after a nasty injury). Kiyoomi tried to stay out of Atsumu’s way as much as possible but

his little boy, Kiyooshi, could be very fussy at night, waking them both up. Atsumu never complained, though. Sometimes he was already calming the baby down before Kiyoomi got to him. With time, Kiyoomi realized he trusted Atsumu with himself and his son.

And since he recovered over the months, he could keep his end of the deal. Atsumu was strangely reluctabt, suggestibg they should wait for Kiyoomi’s body to recover and at first Kiyoomi was relieved but he knew it was unfair after four months of staying at Atsumu’s and not

letting him fuck him. So he made a move, making the Alpha almost die on the spot. Atsumu came clean then that he wanted to help and he doubted Kiyoomi would believe in his kindness if he didn’t want anything back. So they didn’t have to have sex. It made Kiyoomi realize he

really, really wanted Atsumu all over and inside himself. Because Atsumu was a good, kind person with a shitty taste in jokes, but he could survive that. In the meantime, Osamu let Kiyoomi work in his restaurant as a waiter with very flexible hours and Atsumu managed to get him

some modeling gigs. He started making good money and even though he didn’t feel confortable posing in only underwear, he liked the photos and the way Atsumu looked at them. But the real kicker came some time after Kiyooshi’s first birthday when the MSBY came down with some

stomach bug and couldn’t get enough players to play for some fundraiser. Atsumu convinced his coach to let Kiyoomi play and even though the man was sceptical (Kiyoomi was a young mum, nothing pointed he could be any good), he trusted Atsumu’s judgement. And Atsumu knew Kiyoomi

was good because they sometimes played in their free time with Bokuto and Hinata. Of course, Kiyoomi made a great impression, even though he felt a little bit rusty. He loved it. And he was sure he loved Miya Atsumu and wouldn’t be able to repay him for all he’s done for him.

Of course, they were basically a family already. Atsumu was a father to Kiyooshi and Kiyoomi couldn’t imagine it any other way. He was the one to finally break, and kiss and beg Atsumu to take him and never let him go. Atsumu gladly agreed, head over heels for months already.

//end I actually started writing a one-shot story for this one but I’m in a train and bored so I made it shorter xd Hope you liked it 😎

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