I Didn't Masturbate for 30 Days. 7 Unexpected Things Happened:

1. Massive Confidence Boost I've struggled with insecurity. I sometimes get self conscious in social situations. The longer I went without masturbating, the more confident I became. I felt unstoppable!

2. Supercharged Gym Gains I could do extra reps on exercises that I'd plateaued on. I also noticed I could push myself way harder without giving up. I became ferocious like the hulk without needing a PT!

3. More Comfortable Socialising I sometimes get self conscious in social situations. Towards the end of the 30 days, all of my insecurity was obliterated. I felt invincible!

4. I Gave Fewer F-CKS! I sometimes let things people say annoy me. I would feel triggered & this would frustrate me. Not this time! Just ignored & moved on. I couldn't give a F-CK!

5. Women Attraction In one month, I had 6 girls say to me, "Simmo, you look like Avicii" Makes total sense. Why? They could sense the "LEVELS" within me vibrating stronger than ever!

6. Upgraded Discipline By not giving in to the urge of masturbating. Over time, this discipline transcended all areas of my life. It became ridiculously easy to stick to good habits.

7. Lust for Life Improved Whenever I'm in transit, I listen to music (big house music guy). Towards the end of the 30 days, I began "humming" and "singing" more. Happy? YEAH.. I felt freakin' amazing!

And the best bit about semen retention? It's FREE. Yup, you read that right. You can achieve ALL of those benefits for: ZERO COST.

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