Kiwiᴵᶜʸ🥝🐿 semi ia

Kiwiᴵᶜʸ🥝🐿 semi ia



Mcd Yvn's dream since little always was to kill the most ancient vamp in kr, he didn't even know how his obsession started but he was sure that he would manage to do it and be one of the best hunters out there. He studied every single M1n's weakness and his way of being.

He knew him as the back of his hand, and the satisfaction of knowing that the other didn't know what was coming for him was almost hot for Yvn. He knew that the vamp wasn't dumb, but M1n had a big problem: he wanted to fall in love. Yvn used to chuckle at the thought of it

but it became useful for all his planning, because he was going to give M1n everything he wanted and more. Long walks, cuddles, love making, star gazing... Everything anyone could dream of was given to M1n on a silver plate and slowly he just blindly trusted Yvn.

His whole world was surrounding his human partner that made him feel alive each day, wanting once in his life to create a family and stop being so lonely. But the fantasy soon backstabbed G1, when on the night of their second anniversary they were on the riverside walking

Yvn humiliated G1 making him feel a monster and killed him even if he was begging for mercy. It felt like Yvn was making himself deaf and heartless, but the last faint "I loved you" G1 said, was fire etched on his mind. Since that moment everything felt like a fever dream

he couldn't remember anything and he spent most of the time sleeping without wanting to wake up. Even if he managed to do what he always wanted to, the moments when he woke up looking for G1 and calling his number reminded him that there was anything comforting about what he

did. Staring at the ceiling was the most interesting thing he could do whilst his mind tried to save as many memories as he could, but G1 wasn't there. It was his fault and he didn't know if he could live with the guilt of being responsible for hurting the one person

he loved with his whole heart. Because he loves G1, but now is too late for even repenting because he won't ever be back with him, in their home.

😮‍💨😮‍💨 yesterday I went to sleep thinking about a skilled hunter yvn but I don't have the energy to write more than this.

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