Skts single parent au where their daughters are best friends but their dads have never met. Atsumu’s late wife was the one to arrange any meetings for the girls, since he was busy a lot. But he’s heard lots about his daughter’s friend, since she has the same motormouth as him.

But since his wife passed, Atsumu’s now the one to take full charge. His daughter is old enough to go off on her own but she’s been spending a lot of time at her friend’s place. And Atsumu just so happened to be in the area, planning to pick her up and walk home together.

He gets the address and knocks on the door—he can hear the girls in the backyard so he knows it’s the right house. When a man with the most stunning features Atsumu’s ever seen answers the door, it takes everything in him not to let his jaw drop and make a fool out of himself.

“Miya-san,” he says with a low voice. “How’d ya know it was me?” Atsumu blurts out. “Your daughter said you were coming, and she looks exactly like you.” Oh damn, he made a fool of himself anyway. “Papa!” The girls run from around the side of the house. “Can I stay longer?”

Atsumu thought it was ironic saying his daughter looked like him (he’d argue she looked much more like her mother) when Sakusa’s daughter looked like someone did a ctrl + c, ctrl + v on his genes. He chuckles. “We don’t wanna intrude for longer, the Sakusas probably have plans.”

“Pretty please, Papa??” “I was going to put on some tea if you’d like a cup—you’re welcome to stay for a bit,” Sakusa says. Atsumu doesn’t have to start dinner for a while, and between his daughters pleading eyes and the little tingle of attraction he’s feeling, he agrees.

“Just one, and then we gotta go!” She gave a whoop of excitement and dashed back around the house, Sakusa’s daughter following after giving Atsumu a ‘thank you’ said in a quiet voice. ‘Just one’ turned into a few more cups, and the promise of a next hangout at the aquarium.

Atsumu leaves feeling giddy, and lightly ruffles his daughters hair. “Why’d ya never tell me Sakusa was so good looking?” “Ewww Papa, that’s Miko’s dad!! And I have told ya about Omi, a million times before!”

Oh, that’s who she was talking about? Atsumu assumed it was a boy in her class. “Ya call him Omi? Where’s yer manners, ya little trickster!” “Prob’ly the same place as yers, Papa!” She darts off down the street and Atsumu chases her, excited for the next date to see him again.

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