Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)

Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)



Cw / underage A concept: 15 years old Atsumu who doesn’t know how to suck dick and 24 years old Osamu parting his legs and taking Atsumu’s cock in his mouth to teach him exactly how.

Just… Atsumu panting and trashing around, trying to fuck into the heat of Osamu’s mouth because it’s all too much and unlike something he’s never felt before. Osamu with a tight grip on Atsumu’s thighs, easily taking him deep down his throat, hollowing his cheeks +

Swirling his tongue around the head, bobbing his head until Atsumu is coming with a cry. Osamu pulling away, spit and come connecting his lips with the softening head of Atsumu’s cock. He grins, wiping himself clean with the back of his hand: “That’s how ya suck a cock, Tsumu.”

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