nsfw Small party at the Miya’s with Suna, Kita, and Aran along for the ride. One teasing joke from Suna had already turned Truth-or-Dare into trying to see who could give the best head, with Atsumu as the certified test dummy.

Within minutes, he’s all tied up to a kitchen chair, waiting to judge between his 3 best friends’ cocksucking skills. Well. No complaining on his end. He was actually excited. Especially when the first contenders warm tongue slid against the slit of his tip. And fuck was he

already thanking himself for having agreed to this. The first person had made it their personal mission to suck the life out of his cock. Hollowing their cheeks and taking him with a feral hunger, their nose meeting the base of Atsu’s stomach with how they took all of

him down their tight throat. By the time the second person had started, Atsu was already squirming in his chair. This person took every sound from Atsu with amusement. He could feel the smirk against his skin with every whimper he’d let out. Assuming it was Suna, he took the

warm mouth and teasing licks in stride, making sure not to hold in his obscene moans. The third had let their canines drag against his shaft with each bob of their head and the burning ache had Atsu bucking into their mouth. He was so fucking close to cumming down their throat

before they’d so rudely pulled off his cock with a wet ‘pop’. By now, Atsumu was achingly hard, tip a flush purple that had him twitching as the cold air surrounded his cock. He’d just started whining at how they’d left him right on the edge

when a fourth set of lips wrapped around his cock. He was so confused and dumbfounded, but this person had already had Atsu curling his toes in the air. He wanted to ask what was going on, but every word came out slurred and incoherent by the soft throat squeezing around his

cockhead. The blindfold was taken off him and he could barely make out his 3 friends smirking down at him through bleary eyes. He looked down at whoever was rolling their tongue along his shaft like that and- fuckkkkk was that Osamu? The Osamu who he’d dreamt of fucking since

they were kids? Who was on his knees looking up through his eyelashes at Atsumu and squeezing his balls that fucking good? Atsu just threw his head back, hips bucking into the wet mouth until he was spilling down his twin’s throat. When he’d finally come back to his senses

Osamu was licking the cum off of his lips with an innocent smile and Suna was filming. Practice tomorrow would be a /bitch/

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