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72 Books To Read (thread)

1)Do Epic Shit 2)Atomic Habits 3)The Power of Your Subconscious Mind 4)Rich Dad Poor Dad 5)How To Become A People Magnet 6)IKIGAI 7)How To Ikigai 8)Good Habits Bad Habits 9)Do It Today 10)Make Your Bed 11)The Psychology of Money 12)The Alchemist

13)Win Your Inner Battles 14)Black Swan 15)Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 16)12 Rules For Life 17)On Shortness of Life 18)Think Like A Monk 19)As A Man Thinketh 20)Man's Search For Meaning 21)IKIGAI 22)Power of Habit 23)How To Talk To Anyone 24)How To Win Friends & Influen

25)The Minimalist Entrepreneur 26)Courage To Be Disliked 27)The Magic of Thinking Big 28)The One Thing 29)Effortless 30)Eat That Frog 31)Compound Effect 32)How Will You Measure Your Life? 33)Attitude is Everything 34)The Heart of Success 35)How To Attract Money 36)Essentialism

37)Laws of Human Nature 38)Mind Full To Mindful 39)Who Will Cry When You Die 40)Power of Now 41)Stillness Is The Key 42)Predictably Irrational 43)Tuesdays With Morrie 44)Intelligent Investor 45)Thinking Fast & Slow 46)Art Of Thinking Clearly 47)What Got You Here 48 Laws of Power

49)Influence 50)Getting Things Done 51)Deep Work 52)Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus 53)Believe In Yourself 54)Things No One Else Can Teach Us 55) Almanack Of @naval Ravikant 56)Ego Is The Enemy 57)101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think 58)Think Straight 59)Letters..

61)Linchpin 62)5 Am Club 63)Limitless 64)Third Door 65)Discourses & Selected Writings 66)The Big Questions of Life 67)Meditations 68)Sapiens 69)Hyper Focus 70)Think And Grow Rich 71)Who Moved My Cheese 72)Siddhartha

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