SkTs-Royalty Au Atsumu knew he shouldn’t find it hot. They were surrounded by enemies, their carriages were being shot, and all Atsumu could focus on was how good Sakusa looked. “Stay down, Prince Atsumu,” Sakusa hissed, leaning out the front to fire his crossbow. Osamu was

so lucky that he decided to stay home. But Atsumu thought the murder attempt wasn’t an awful thing, seeing how he got to see his head knight fight for him so ferociously. “Ya look good, Omi!” Atsumu flattened further as he heard arrows thunk into the wood. “I never should have

taken this position, you are such a pain,” Sakusa ducked back in, looked at him, and drug Atsumu into a kiss by his hair. “Listen to everything I say, stay alive, and maybe we will get to do that again.” Atsumu had stars in his eyes, practically melting into the firm grip still

in his hair. “Hurry up and defeat them. I want to show ya just how much I appreciate ya.” Atsumu had never seen Sakusa shoot so fast in his life.

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