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In any conversation you are always Framing your message (whether you realize it or not) Chads Frame their messaging in a certain way, and so do Clowns In this thread you will see examples of what to do AND not do on: ✅Job interviews ✅Cold Calls ✅Sales call ✅and even Dating

First up is the Job interview Notice how Chad Frames himself as the prize by only talking about the qualities that are considered valuable to the hiring manager / company Chad uses positive associations & then sets strong boundaries / makes the other side qualify themselves now

On the other hand, the Clown makes his answer all about himself and what he wants (adds zero value to the other side) And to make it worse he explicitly Frames himself as needy by saying he needs extra income

You have to be vigilant about the Framing & associations you use in job interviews Many believe they can’t Prize themselves but they are wrong You can make the other side “want you” by making yourself into something they want and desperately need.. like Chad does

Next up is the Cold Call Clowns LOVE to beg for 30 seconds to pitch their solution And there lies the problem! Chads lead with PROBLEMS that resonate with the Prospect in order to hook them He also uses disarming honesty i.e “this is a cold call”

Also pay attention to Chads Framing here: “We typically get asked to fix these common problems” ✅Frames his side as the one being sought out (Prize Frame) ✅”Common problems” implies extreme Competence & that he’s solved it a million times

THIS is one way to truly “personalize” a cold call By leading with the problems your prospect is b*tching about in their day to day IN THE LANGUAGE THEY USE NOT leading with your “amazing platform” No one cares about you They care about what YOU can do for THEM

Next is Closing a Sales call Most Salespeople are needy Take a look at what the Clown does. He seeks validation by: - NOT taking the lead - Asking close ended questions - Asking validation seeking questions If you have to ask if they’re interested… THEY’RE NOT!

Now how does Chad close a sales call? ✅sets a Time Frame (only 5 min left) ✅Frames the options for the prospect i.e “either we do the 90 pilot or we don’t ✅Relieves tension at the end of the call by saying “Thinking about it is not an option” in a playful but serious manner

Sales === Game If you’re good at sales you *should* be good with dating / interpersonal relationships Let’s see the difference between a Chad and a Clown on a date

Chad Prizes himself once again (noticing a pattern here?) ✅He uses STRONG and INTRIGUING language “i can be a very intense/passionate person” ✅Implies he goes for EVERYTHING he wants (multi layered intriguing statement)

✅Ends with a Moral Authority Frame “this is the best way to live” and creates a Frame (world) which she can now enter with him ✅shows desire and sexuality through the piercing eye contact

How does the Clown sabotage himself? ❌talks about boring and mundane things ❌Implies he’s a wagecuck “9-5 grind ha!” ❌sounds like every other dude out there “i like sports and hanging out with friends”

The Takeaway Frames are Perspectives and are under our control. While we can’t control WHAT the other side does, we can control HOW the other side perceives us by being vigilant with: - How we Frame things - The words we use - The phrasing we use

Oh and if you haven’t gotten my course yet then NGMI (link in bio)

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