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My little online information business does at least $5k/m. Yet I live in a 3rd world country. The secret? A simple marketing process. Here's what it is and how you can create one that always prints money for you.

In this thread... I'll show you the process and the behind-the-scenes of... - How to get attention - What to say - How to convert that attention to money - Ways to convert that attention. etc This thread delivers. You'll see.

1. Get attention: This is the first law of persuasion. If people don't PAY you ATTENTION. They won't PAY you MONEY. So how do you get someone to pay you attention? I can't explain everything in this thread but... I'll share 3 little things you must know

- Know whose attention you want to get - Know what their desires or pain is - Know where to find them These are 3 things you need to know. For now... Let's open them up.

a. Know whose attention you want to get. There's a saying... "He that talks to everyone talks to No one". You have to get specific on who you want to talk to. e.g. go back and look at the first tweet in this thread. for real go check 👆🏽 seen?

Based on that tweet take a guess on whose attention I wanted to get... People who want to start an online biz? People not yet making $5k/m? People living in 3rd world countries? People interested in marketing? Chances are... You're in one of these categories. Am I right?

Definitely. To understand this a bit more... we need to make a quick stop at the human brain. Master it. And the game of attention and persuasion becomes your baby. Listen. The brain always wants to avoid pain...or move towards gain. That's it but wait... There's more.

b. Desires or (avoidance of) pain. The two primary motivations. People like things that are easy and stressless... That's why there's a word in that first tweet to further make you (my ideal target) want to read. Can you guess what it is? (Actually there are two of them...)

"Simple" - makes your brain know that this won't be stressful. "always" - means it's certain. Your brain likes that. Other things "$5k/m"..."prints money" etc were used to get your attention. Are you observing this? Now that you understand that... Let's move to the next one.

c. where to find them. This is the easiest. There are 8B people in the world. If you remove the aged and children... You have about 5B in the working class bracket. 5B people who can pay you money. But how do you find them? Now this is where it gets interesting...

The internet has 5.5B connected to it. Social media has 4.5B people across all platforms. What does this mean? Everybody... Your potential customer is on the internet. And they're on social media too. And if you have something valuable to offer them... (we'll come to this part)

they'll be more than glad to pay you. There's way more to this... And that's a thread for another day. But for now you understand 1. Who to talk to 2. What to say to them to get their attention 3. Where to find them. Sweet. Now here's the thing...

You can get this attention in any of this three ways a. Organically i.e. Content marketing: Where - Social media or SEO. b. Paid ads: Where - Social media...Google c. Cold Outreach Where - Emails. The details of this is also beyond the scope of this thread. Next is to

2. Capture attention So you've gotten their attention. But don't be fooled... The attention span of people on social media is not up to that of a gold fish... so what do you do? You want to retain a bit of that attention But how do you do this? It's simple...

Direct them to a place where they can give you permission or a way to continually reach them. This can be 1. Phone number 2. Email address 3. Both. You simply tell them what you want them to do and why. "Put your email and get a free report...pdf...ebook" That's not all Next

3. Nurture attention Now you've gotten a bit of that attention to your email list...Whatsapp etc. But your account balance hasn't changed. I know. The reason is simple. Many people are not ready to buy. They either don't 1. Know you well 2. Trust you well 3. Need it yet or...

They don't have the money to buy yet. So what do you do? You build a relationship. You nurture them: - You communicate. - You answer questions - Help solve problems. - Tell them stories In a nutshell you provide value. Then you can move to the next phase.

4. Convert Attention. Now you've established a relationship with them. They get your mails. They read them They know you and Trust you. Now you can make an irresistible offer to them. "What's that?" Let me explain

An offer isn't your product. An offer is a combination of - Your product - Bonuses - Terms of agreement - Payment plan. It is what they are getting and in exchange giving you money for. How do you create an irresistible offer? Here's how

Now... You can present your offer in 3 major ways. 1. One on One sales call This is where they talk to a person. Ideal if what you have to offer is high ticket. 2. Webinar/VSL This is a video that has your message and your offer explained where your prospects...

can go and watch. This is ideal if you have a mid ticket offer. 3. Salespage. This is a page that has your message written/typed. Where your prospects can go and read. This is ideal for low ticket offer. (P.S. I have seen sales pages that sold high ticket offers tho...rare)

To bring this all together. This is the marketing process anyone can follow that will always print money for them. 1. Get attention 2. Capture attention 3. Nurture attention 4. Convert attention. if this thread did the first three for you... then I'd like you to do this next

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