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How to Create a Routine and Stick To It Religiously | A Thread

1. THE BASICS - No caffeine past 11 am - Stop eating by 7 pm - Screens off by 9 pm - Journal, meditate, and read - Go to sleep at 10 pm The quality of your day is determined before you wake up.

2. MORNING HABITS Your morning habits must include: - Working out - Getting sunlight - Deep work These habits set you up for the day, and because people are more focused in the morning, it’s best to focus on work. You’ll see a 5x in your productivity with these habits.

3. KEEP SHOWING UP If you can’t write 2 pages, write 1. If you can’t workout for 60 minutes, workout for 20. If you can’t meditate for 20 minutes, try meditating for 5. Remember, how you start isn’t how you finish.

4. GO OUTSIDE Go for a walk within the first hour of waking up, as it helps set your circadian rhythm which makes sure your body is working at the right times. It’s also important you get at least 20-30 minutes of sunlight every day.

5. REINFORCE DISCIPLINE It’s important you reinforce discipline every day, otherwise, you’ll end up taking shortcuts and not being consistent. Ways of reinforcing self-discipline: - Working out - Cold showers - Waking up early - Heating healthy

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