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Why prospects treat you like 🗑 and what to do about it a thread:

So in order for a behavior to be adopted it first needs to go through what I call The Behavior Cycle Incentives/Rewards reinforce Behaviors Behaviors over time change Beliefs Beliefs then become Habits Habits get strengthened by Incentives/Rewards And the cycle continues

Let’s take a look at the Prospects beliefs (aka their Frame) This Frame has been strengthened, reinforced, and solidified due to years of social conditioning, experience with companies/salespeople, etc

So in order for us to change this we must break the cycle We break the cycle by changing the key component of the Behavior Cycle: the incentives/rewards

That means we STOP giving Prospects the incentives/rewards they’re so accustomed to getting, like: - Free proposals - Free consulting - Free demos And we replace that with Competence Competence, when done right, is a reward in an of itself Why?

Think about it like this No prospect wants to collect proposals/quotes and spend a lot of energy vetting different vendors They just want someone to fix their problems already Amateurs think they’re really helping prospects by handing out freebies but they’re not

So by doing the opposite, like: - Charging for proposals (which include scope of work so they can shop it if they want) - NOT running demos You develop new incentives like showing the prospect you’re the best fit to help them (Competence)

How do you show them you’re the best fit to help them? One way is by the quality of questions you ask and focusing the conversation on THEM and their Pain / Desired Outcomes Proposals/Demos/Quotes are not necessary to close deals and in fact screw you over!

Over time, doing the opposite will become natural Prospects will also have a more enjoyable experience because you cut through all the noise to help them - Give price upfront - Disqualify hard & early - Push them to No Let them do the heavy lifting, not YOU!

You don’t perform well because you believe your job is to sell prospects on how great you are Go on and look at your industry category and see how many competitors you have who use the same exact language as your company

The only way to *truly* stand out is by putting the focus on the PROSPECT and their world/emotions In their world you’re a commodity Stop reinforcing their beliefs by acting the same as everyone else! Replace the traditional “incentives/rewards” with new more productive ones

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