Geri Kirilova (she/her)

Geri Kirilova (she/her)



morbidly curious how many of the founders and VCs who very loudly moved to 🚀 Miami 🚀 over the past year are attending this reception (h/t @teddyschleifer)

@teddyschleifer the GPs hosting this fundraiser represent VC firms with $13B+ in AUM, and they're putting their weight behind candidates campaigning on eliminating the Department of Education, expanding gun rights, and federally banning abortion

I can't tell you what's in these people's minds or hearts, but they are showing you what they will do with their money. are you gonna make them richer?

friendly reminder that the LPs behind these GPs (and their funds) include foundations, pensions, teachers' retirement systems (!), marquee asset mgmt firms, and endowments of universities that rhyme with shmanford

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