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How Your Body Is Engineered? In India, it was taught that you shouldn't sleep with your head to the north. Why? #Thread

Because pumping blood up against gravity is harder than pumping it down, your heart is three-fourths of the way up instead of halfway down. In comparison to blood arteries that travel downward, those that ascend have a more refined configuration.

They become so thin and nearly hair-like as they ascend to the brain that they are unable to absorb even one more drop. Something will explode and cause a bleed if just one more drop is poured in.

The majority of persons develop brain hemorrhages. You are not seriously disabled by this, but minor injuries do occur. You might become duller, as people are doing.

After the age of 35, if you don't take great care to maintain it, your level of intelligence begins to decline in many ways. Your memory, not your intelligence, is what allows you to manage.

What happens if we sleep towards the North? What would a doctor suggest if you had anemia or another blood-related issue? Iron. It is a crucial component of your blood. You've probably heard about the planet's magnetic fields.

Because of its magnetism, the planet is designed in numerous ways. That is how strong the planet's magnetic fields are.

Which is the Best Sleeping Direction? It is easy to see that your pulse rate slows down while the body is horizontal. The reason the body makes this adjustment is that too much blood would otherwise injure your head if it were pumped at the same rate.

Now, the magnetic pull will put pressure on your brain if you position your head to the north and remain there for five to six hours. You may experience hemorrhages and paralytic strokes if you are over a particular age and have weak blood vessels.

Or, if your system is strong and none of these things occur to you, you can wake up feeling irritated because your brain is receiving more blood flow than it normally would when you are sleeping.

It's not like you'll pass away if you do this for one day. But if you do this consistently, problems are inevitable. Depending on how robust your system is, what kind of problems?

Which direction is therefore the best for sleeping with your head pointed? The optimum direction is east. The northeast is fine. West is doing fine. If you must, south.

No, North. As long as you are in the northern hemisphere, it is acceptable to sleep with your head facing any direction other than north. Don't point your head south in the southern hemisphere.

The Right and Wrong Side of the Bed! A crucial component of your physiology is your heart. If this one item doesn't happen, nothing happens. This station, which distributes life throughout the body, begins on your left side.

In India, it has traditionally been customary to roll onto your right side before getting out of bed when you wake up.

Your body's metabolic activity is low while it is in a particular state of relaxation. There is a particular flurry of movement when you get up.

As a result, you must roll over to your right side before standing up because, at a lower metabolic activity level, rolling abruptly to your left will place strain on your cardiovascular system.

Activate Your Body and Brain The custom also instructed you to massage your hands together and place your palms over your eyes before rising in the morning. If you follow their advice, they claimed, you will see God. The goal is not to perceive God.

Your hands have a dense collection of nerve endings. All the nerve endings are triggered and the system quickly awakens when you rub your palms together.

If you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and groggy, try doing this and observe how everything quickly becomes alert.

A wide variety of nerves related to your eyes and other senses suddenly become active. Your body and brain should be busy before you move. It's not a good idea to get up in the morning.

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