Anirudh A Damani

Anirudh A Damani



Do you agree with our calculation of startup valuation? Answer in the thread below! #ama #venturecapital #equity #fundraising #angel #entrepreneur #privateequity #pe #vc #startups

(1/3) The typical equity requirement would be between 15-26%, depending on certain factors. We take a bare minimum of 15% equity in our ventures. The way we evaluate startups is: • ₹1 crore for 15%: You have a team, initial product, and some traction.

(2/3) • ₹2 crores for 15%: You have a team, revenue traction, and a clear pathway to product-market fit. • ₹3 crores for 15%: You have a full team, have raised a solid pre-seed funding round, and have revenue traction and evidence of product-market fit.

(3/3) One factor that can change the calculations above is the previous history of successfully founding, scaling, and selling startups. AMA -

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