Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya

Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya



#miyacestober2022 Day 27 🦊 Care // sick fic

The cool feel of a hand on his forehead brought him to the shores after feverish dreams. It took him back to childhood and being sick with Atsumu and curled in their parents’ bed.

The way Mom circled over them, bringing water and medicine and soup. And a soothing hand, her love a cure against the emotional weakness, the few tears wiped away.

But now they are older, there was no parents' bed to crawl into at the dorms. The burden of missed school work and, worse, Kita’s concern usually gave the twins the motivation to power through minor colds or aches with rest and hydration.

But this came and kicked Osamu in the ass. Atsumu was fine, he adopted a dry cough but was otherwise fine to go to class with a mask.

Osamu would normally tease him when they were masked, forcing Atsumu to give in and rip their masks off for an illicit, hungry kiss. At the moment Osamu could barely sit without the world spinning. He has slept all day through class and Atsumu is back hunching over him.

“Yer still warm.” The voice is off, a piano out of tune, if Osamu had any sense he would have called it worry. A cough burst out of Osamu before he asked,“aren’t ya… what time is it?”

Time was slippy for him and he struggled to process Atsumu’s presence, was it still Wednesday? Even in his dulled state he could identify concern on Atsumu’s face, “Just finished class and told Suna to update the coach that we are sick.”

Osamu gave an uncharacteristic pout, the situation somehow overwhelming his feverish mind, “ya aren’t sick, you scrub.” Atsumu tried not to roll his eyes as he pulled the pillows off the top bunk. He asked Osamu to sit up and he fluffed the pillows so he could be propped up.

Osamu was still looking for a comfortable position for his achey body when a Pocari Sweat was placed in his hands. “I got your homework already, but ya look like shit so I’ll do it when I do mine.”

Osamu was too exhausted to even think about how strange that was so he just nodded. He gave some weak shuffles and found a better angle to rest his head.

Atsumu bent down to brush his hair off his face and placed a kiss on his forehead. It was just what he needed to relax again and drift off into sleep. 💗end💗

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